Glastonbury tickets - challenges paying with Monzo

Good morning

One of my friends got through when attempting to buy Glastonbury tickets on Thursday, but reported problems paying with their Monzo debit card.

Was anyone here successful? The main ticket sale is at 9am today, and it would be useful to understand before then whether anyone else faced challenges, and whether these were overcome.

Thank you!


Quick search on Facebook for data points:


Hey @RichardL, thanks a lot for your reply. That’s reassuring. I didn’t experience any issues last time (in 2018), but felt it was worth checking - just in case!

Good luck to anyone seeking tickets this morning… :crossed_fingers:

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I think this is the first time they’ve had to enforce verification. I think in previous years See Tickets have just taken the hit for any fraud and opted not to verify card transactions.

It’s bound to cause all sorts of issues, especially for the banks who rely on SMS to distribute codes.

(The resale earlier in the year was the first time, this is the first main sale).


Thanks. That makes sense. Is the code definitely sent by Push? I’m abroad, and not sure whether SMS would come through

I bought for my group (so 6 tickets) on Thursday on Monzo with no issue. Standard authentication request in-app, and all worked fine.


Yes, and good luck!

Probably just general issues of numbers of people trying to purchase causing the problem, not brand specific cards ala monzo.

Thank you for sharing. As it happened, I didn’t get the opportunity to enter my bank details - though luckily someone else did, so looking forward to another amazing few days there…


We didn’t get them in the end, 6 of our 15 made it, but I missed out. Particularly bad experience this time, we had tickets allocated to us and held for 5 minutes about 5 or 6 times, but See Tickets just wouldn’t process the payments.

When I got through, I even got to the point where I confirmed the transaction in the Monzo app, but it still just failed and no money has been taken.

I don’t mind missing out due to demand outstripping supply, but to have tickets actually allocated to us but not be able to pay is really frustrating.

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Not unique to Monzo at least, reports from plenty people who got timed out at the authorisation stage

It was the strangest of sales. We managed 16 during the coach sale, and another 12 today - with 8 missing out.

The last set of six our group managed to buy were actually bought at 10:19 - after they’d announced all tickets had sold out.

So many of us got through repeatedly, but there was a long period during which Seetickets payment systems went down, so people were completing details, but not getting any tickets.

We kept trying until around 11 - though the last 40 minutes were hopeful rather than confident.

Good luck to everyone during the resale - which I imagine will be in April - unless they move that too…

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