Three contract direct debit

Anyone successfully managed to change their direct debit for a Three mobile contract to use their Monzo current account?

I’ve tried doing this online but it won’t let me change it (now? the site implies I’ll be able to do it in a few days) and I have no real idea as to why. If they can’t change it in time for the next bill they should queue it up…

I asked live chat, and they can’t help for security reasons. Seems I’ll be forced to phone them.

Just checked in their app:

We can’t allow you to change your Direct Debit details online until after 15th August. This is to ensure that we can bill you directly.

Urgh, let me submit the form and just bill the old bank until you can switch!!


I think I had this issue when trying to change my Direct Debit with Boots Opticians too. They couldn’t change my account details if the DD was due to be taken within ‘x’ days. It’s annoying but I guess there’s not much that anyone, aside from the merchant, can do to change it :pensive:

Having said that, you could try pushing back because IIRC Boots couldn’t update my details if the payment was due within 10 days but my understanding is that they’d have to if the payment was 7-10 working days away, if I was switching accounts via the Current Account Switching Service..

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I updated my 3 Mobile DD with no problems. You do have to wait to be “allowed” to do it, as if it is too near to a billing cycle they don’t allow it until that has passed.


I updated my 3 Mobile DD with no problems.

Good to know I’m unlikely to run into e.g. sort code recognition issues, thanks for weighing in!

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I understand it being too near a billing cycle but I tried to change mine on 9th August and it told me I can’t do it until after 27th! That’s a little bit crazy

I’m going to try switching my 3 DD over to Monzo CA tomorrow night. I’ll post my results in here :slight_smile:

My bill has already been taken for July so fingers crossed I beat the billing cycle for August :smiley:

Managed to switch mine over, as @nick69g said, you have to wait to be allowed so they can work out your bit correctly.

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I’ve switched mine last week but the DD has not been set up yet. Do you know how you can actually view what DD details 3 Mobile have? I cannot see that online anywhere - just the option to change details.

Think the only to check would be to ring them. After you change it, you’ll get a letter through the post to confirm it.

Thanks - thinking about it, I think I did get a letter confirming the new DD details.

Hey folks :wave:

Full disclosure; I work for Three within their Social Media team, so I can shine some light on this.

If you’re in between the date your bill is produced and the date your payment is taken by Direct Debit, you won’t be able to change your Direct Debit details. This is because our systems can’t process a change whilst there’s an outstanding balance on the account set up to be taken by Direct Debit - this is just in case of any billing changes between the two dates. Once they’ve been able to collect the payment by Direct Debit, you’ll be fine to update your details - just make sure you do it before your next bill is produced or you’ll be stuck in limbo again :+1:

If you’re really stuck, give the Customer Service guys a ring on 333 and they’ll try and update it manually for you. You’ll probably find the payment is taken under the existing details, but you’ll be on the new Direct Debit mandate from the following month :smiley:


I’ve just moved my DD to Monzo CA :smiley: Did it online and it went into effect straight away :slight_smile: Hopefully I’ll see my contract billed in the next 30 days and have it be successful :wink:

Thanks for all the input here (especially @IanLyon)! I managed to switch the direct debit details online with no fuss at all a few days ago :tada:

Much better than Virgin Media.


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