Thomas George said in Feb '18 Ireland will be Monzo’s first step outside the UK

Hello all :slight_smile:

I found out about Monzo today from a Guardian article about financial stress.

I was interested to see if Monzo was available in Ireland and Google lead me to an article in the Irish Times from February 2018:

“We’re thrilled to have received official passporting permission to offer Monzo in the Republic of Ireland, ” said Thomas George, head of international at the bank.

“Beyond unlocking a whole new set of customers who can soon get their hands on a Monzo account, this moment is particularly exciting because Ireland will be Monzo’s first step outside the UK, as we begin our journey to bring Monzo to the world,” he added.

One year from searching these forums it appears that Monzo is still not available Republic of Ireland residents.

Does anyone have an update?


In the absence of a deal (or the EU unilaterally allowing it), Monzo will lose the right to passport into the EU once the UK has left. That would affect any existing EU-based customers, so it seems prudent to wait until there is some/any certainty around that.


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