When will Monzo be launching in Ireland?

It’s been pretty quiet around launching in Ireland with the last topic on this in June 2019. Has there been any further movement on this?

I’m moving back to Ireland in the coming months and there is very little support for this move with a UK address still needed on record and also forwarding of cards on a case-by-case basis was quoted as £30 per request.

Ideally I’d like to keep my Monzo and just move the address to Ireland but seem like this won’t be too likely in the near future?

They would need a European banking license, which has been complicated by Brexit.

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Get a N26 its availiable in ireland (Republic) and costs a lot less than an Irish Bank us Transferwize to move any money over

Hi there,

I’m afraid there has been no movement on this nor do we expect there to be for quite some time.

The only international expansion we are working on at the moment is in the US, and even that will need to move a little more slowly than it would otherwise given the current state of the world.


Vegas office actually is/was not part of Monzo USA expansion. They were set up to support UK operations.

Monzo USA as a product has a separate team, its own CEO and an office in LA.


I want to see monzo in Ireland with UK citizens with ability to open an Irish Account aswell this would help people who go between UK and Ireland regularly

I would like to be able to open up a USA account too, without the need for SSN, but at this point isn’t going to happen

Revolut reports that 1 million or 1 in 4 (25%) of all adults in Ireland already have accounts with them.

N26 are much further behind in second place with around 150k users.

Given the relatively small size of the Irish market and the existing competition, I can’t see Monzo launching there any time soon given Revolut have secured a comfortable market lead in Ireland - even if Monzo could expand in Europe

To me the UK is large market including Northern Ireland but then companies like AIB bank and bank of Ireland in Ireland see all Island of Ireland both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland as one economy covered by two countries so think they should cover both both are right but I think banks should extend to Ireland cause of our common travel area and shared values work in Ireland and the UK could benefit both

I think monzo would steal a march in Ireland more than competitors

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