When will monzo launch in Ireland?

Will monzo be available to residents of the republic of Ireland

In the future hopefully, but no news yet I’m afraid. Monzo are likely to launch in the US first.

The last thing I saw was back in February 2018, they said that Ireland was there first step to going global

I think Brexit might have got in the way, there’s still so much uncertainty


Monzo I believe have applied and been registered with the Central Bank of Ireland for -

Credit Institutions from other Member States of the European Economic Area (EEA) which have notified the Central Bank of Ireland of their intention to provide services in the state on a cross-border basis.

So presumably in theory could trade now ?


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Very interesting, I presume this status would be revoked as a result of Brexit on the basis of not being a member of EEA hence the reason for not expanding yet.

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I seem to remember Monzo were advertising for a job position which was in a similar vein to “Head of European Expansion” a month or two ago - around the time they started advertising for US expansion positions.

Both the US positions and European positions have been delisted - hopefully because they have been filled.

So, if I’m remembering correctly about the job advertisement, an expansion to Ireland could not be too far off.

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