This week in the Monzo Office Slack: tea science

(Is Santa here yet?) #21

If Barry’s tea (the green box) is on offer it’s practically war fighting to grab as many boxes as possible :joy:

(Eve) #22

My Northern Irish housemate swore by Punjana. Yorkshire Tea was fine too but she would drink nothing else :joy: brought over two boxes every time she flew back!

(Paul Davies) #23

Fortunately I’m a remote worker, and don’t have the “no yorkshire problem” in my “office” :laughing:

I do feel for my London-based colleagues though :cry:

(Ben) #24

Will you please conduct your own tea based study on the teas, waters and mugs available in your “office” :smiley:

(Tim) #25

We used to have Clipper Earl Grey at 230. Good times… :coffee:

(Jarno Wolf) #26

Some more Monzo hot beverage insight

(Yen Pham) #27

Haha I love it! Today I learned :bulb:

Word! I take it all back…


(Andy) #28

Your main problem is that you’re not in Scotland and therefore have massively inferior water for your tea!

(Tim) #29

I’ve also seen bags from Ozone Coffee Roasters, which is supposed to be something of a Monzo tradition. I was taken there for breakfast on my first day…

(Yen Pham) #30

Won’t disagree there Andy :joy:

In all seriousness though, an unrelated problem with hard water is that it’s very drying for your skin/hair when you shower!

(John) #31

We used to drink Yorkshire Tea at work because our GM was from Yorkshire but since he left I’m moved everyone to PG Tips and Tetley (only because I do the ordering haha) and I prefer them to Yorkshire Tea.

Our water is really hard though so at work - tea always tastes different, and at home I have one of the Brita filtered kettles and it again tastes different because the water is filtered - better though I think.

We do drink a lot of tea in the office … however we all have coffee available too - lots and lots of it - perks of being Starbucks’ logistics company :stuck_out_tongue:


The only hot drink I have is Milo :see_no_evil:

(Matt Durbin) #33

Due to issues like this at my work. I brought in my dolce gusto coffee machine and keep it on my desk

(Yen Pham) #34

Important update from Finsbury Square:

(Is Santa here yet?) #35

Standard Monzo procedure.

Started with MVT and have iterated based on feedback :clap:


Is that Hario glassware?

(John) #37

Is that PG tips decaf tea in the background :heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue:

(Ray) #38

Oh, I’d love one of those mugs!

(Ray) #39

Nespresso all the way…

(Yen Pham) #40


I just looked and the glass containers are from Brabantio :blush: