This week in the Monzo Office Slack: tea science

If Barry’s tea (the green box) is on offer it’s practically war fighting to grab as many boxes as possible :joy:

My Northern Irish housemate swore by Punjana. Yorkshire Tea was fine too but she would drink nothing else :joy: brought over two boxes every time she flew back!

Fortunately I’m a remote worker, and don’t have the “no yorkshire problem” in my “office” :laughing:

I do feel for my London-based colleagues though :cry:


Will you please conduct your own tea based study on the teas, waters and mugs available in your “office” :smiley:

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We used to have Clipper Earl Grey at 230. Good times… :coffee:


Some more Monzo hot beverage insight


Haha I love it! Today I learned :bulb:

Word! I take it all back…


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Your main problem is that you’re not in Scotland and therefore have massively inferior water for your tea!


I’ve also seen bags from Ozone Coffee Roasters, which is supposed to be something of a Monzo tradition. I was taken there for breakfast on my first day…

Won’t disagree there Andy :joy:

In all seriousness though, an unrelated problem with hard water is that it’s very drying for your skin/hair when you shower!

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We used to drink Yorkshire Tea at work because our GM was from Yorkshire but since he left I’m moved everyone to PG Tips and Tetley (only because I do the ordering haha) and I prefer them to Yorkshire Tea.

Our water is really hard though so at work - tea always tastes different, and at home I have one of the Brita filtered kettles and it again tastes different because the water is filtered - better though I think.

We do drink a lot of tea in the office … however we all have coffee available too - lots and lots of it - perks of being Starbucks’ logistics company :stuck_out_tongue:

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The only hot drink I have is Milo :see_no_evil:

Due to issues like this at my work. I brought in my dolce gusto coffee machine and keep it on my desk

Important update from Finsbury Square:



Standard Monzo procedure.

Started with MVT and have iterated based on feedback :clap:


Is that Hario glassware?

Is that PG tips decaf tea in the background :heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I’d love one of those mugs!

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Nespresso all the way…


I just looked and the glass containers are from Brabantio :blush: