Things 3 app


Has anyone ever used the things app on iOS (or android for that matter). I’m a keen user of the reminder stock app on the iPhone but feel like I could do more with it? It’s rather expensive but I don’t mind paying for quality and the reviews are great! What’s everyone’s experience with it?



Does it integrate with Siri?

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Yeah I believe it does…

I love it, but I use it alongside another app called Memento (which integrates directly with system reminders).

So all my day to day reminders go through iOS (albeit effectively in a different skin with added features), and then I use Things for more long term lists/tracking stuff, as opposed to pure reminders.

E.g. I keep track of credit card spending (and which friends owes me what for the cinema/gig tickets, or airbnb etc etc), I have a list of things I wanna buy (and then sub-lists for kitchen stuff / clothes / tech etc etc).

I think it’s a fantastic app overall, great UI and UX, but my main gripe is that it doesn’t integrate directly with system reminders, so there’s no way of making tasks made in Things show up in my calendar app for instance. And thus I wouldn’t put anything time based in there because then I would lose access to it in the rest of my workflow.

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I used it for a bit, but couldn’t fully get into it as it never had Windows support (maybe that’s changed)

I definitely prefer it to the stock reminders app - and it was really good for all those things that are a bit more long term than a one tick job on a to do list.

If I recall you can set up recurring tasks, or maybe templates - so if you have something you need to do frequently - say monthly tasks - it could be a nice way to keep you on track.

I think it is worth the £9.99

The thing it lacked for me as I say was Desktop support - id love to be able be able to do all of that in a browser window as well as on my phone.


Love it. Use it on both phone and Mac.

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I’m currently looking at

Seems better than reminders and the developer is pretty responsive.
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No windows or browser support still sadly. Would also love to use it on windows but alas.

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I used to use it, but I’m a heavy user of Shortcuts and Things really doesn’t play nicely. Their decision to have the iOS and iPadOS versions to be wholly separate apps means you have to piss about when writing Shortcuts that interact with Things. You basically have to run a “if i’m running on an iPad do this, but if I’m running on an iPhone do this” check with every step and it’s miserable.


I’ve been using this for the day so far, I like the system, good quality and I like that its got “free trial” you recon its worth paying for it?

that sounds like a pain, I don’t like the whole idea of paying for the different version ie. iPad, iPhone, Mac - seems like that a trying to rip people off a tad in my books.

Still on the free version here but I reckon it’s worth it :wink:

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