Reminders page

Hi all. Now that I’m using the new savings pot, I’m now loosing other pots, heating oil, tax payments, replacement car that are savings for the longer period. May we have a page for notes/reminders in the app, maybe even a callendar?
Thanks, Chris.

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Or you could use a calendar/reminders app?

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Hi Chris,

It sounds like you were utilising the Pots method quite well before hand - Is the Interest bearing pot enough for you to give up the convenience of those extra Pots, for a small amount of interest (obviously, I have no idea how much you have saved!)

In your situation, I’d almost certainly make use of the in built calendar/reminders features of the OS you are using (Android or iOS).

Going one step further, using a Task Manager (like Things3 on iOS) gives you a really good structure to work from.

The problem when an app tries to do too much (in this case, it would be adding a “notes/reminders” section in Monzo in my opinion), is that the app becomes a jack of all trades, and master of none.

Not to mention how cluttered the app can feel in certain menus, I don’t think this would add anything to the experience - Especially when there are some really good 3rd party apps that would take care of your needs :smiley: