Google Tasks

(Simon B) #1

Anyone checked out the new Google Tasks app yet?

I might switch over from Todoist.


hmmm, I still use Keep :thinking:

(Simon B) #3

I use Keep for notes, but it’s not great as a to-do list.


I’m going to try it, I am superrrr forgetful

(Eve) #5

It’s not anything groundbreaking but I think the biggest draw for me at the moment is the font it uses and how clean it looks. The handy drag and drop from main/ sub tasks is really good. Also prefer circles to square checkboxes. The subtasks are pretty helpful too. I would really prefer being able to set a time notification, though.

At the moment I use Google Keep and I like being able to rearrange them as ‘post its’ which is a functionality I missed when I used Android briefly a few years ago- having it on my home screen was really helpful.

(Theo Gregory) #6

Nice to see there’s finally an app that at least comes close to Wunderlist in its minimalism and is packed with some the features I look for. Have tried almost every app on the Play store. Even so, it’s still missing a few core features that will see me staying loyal to the long-dead company a while longer:

  • Widget for my main home screen, so I can always be reminded what I haven’t done yet
  • Ticking off a task with subtasks should keep the subtasks nested under the main task, and not split them into individual tasks.
  • Can’t seem to set specific time reminders for a to-do, useful for certain things where creating a calendar event seems a little too much

Only toyed with it a little but these are what gave struck me immediately. Also seems a little wasteful with space in comparison to Wundy. Imo Apple reminders were brilliant in their inception, but need that cross platform functionality.

One day me and my mate will write the to-do app that we both so badly want. We just need to get off our backsides and allocate some time…

(Kenneth Cajigas) #7

It looks really interesting, along with the new Gmail redesign I like the way it is integrated on the side which makes it so easy to add something rather than having to go on another tab and load up Wunderlist to add something. Since I switched to the new Gmail yesterday I’ve left Inbox by Google as it seems that they’ve abandoned that project and haven’t even said why there is no iPhone X update :confused: and it’s hard because although Gmail has now taken some features from Inbox it’s not everything. I’m going to give it a try and see how it is compared to Wunderlist :smile:

Edit: Actually scrap that apparently it’s coming out soon :eyes:

Also I was struggling to find the Google Tasks app on the app store as it wasn’t showing up so here is a direct link if anyone needs :yum:


Needs a widget or something so it’s more visible to me … I’ll forget to check the app :rofl::see_no_evil: