Productivity Apps - Task Management!

(Chris C) #1

Hey, Just looking for some recommendations for productivity apps - mainly for task management!

I had been using one called ‘Quest- Level Up Your Life’ which was amazing but sadly the app has been removed from the app store and since updating to ios 11 there has been a bug which makes it unusable :frowning: - it had a great little concept - you have a character and everytime you complete a task you would unlock like a collectable for the character - (quite sad I know haha, but surprisingly rewarding).

Currently using Swipes at the moment and its good but wondering if anyone recommends any other good task management apps? I’ve also tried OneList but wasn’t a fan!

Feel free to recommend other productivy apps too!


Check Habitica.

RPG-style game to motivate you to complete tasks :slight_smile:

My wife likes it I can’t bear more tasks in life personally, I work as a planner and use few planning software whole day and everything is a task there :slight_smile:

(Chris C) #3

Amazing, thank you!!


I just use a standard list - my app of choice is One List but unfortunately it doesn’t sync across multiple devices.

(Caspar) #5

I use Evernote (referral link) a huge amount - from shopping lists to my gym log to notes at work meetings. On the free plan, you can use it on 2 mobile devices (so I have it on my phone and iPad) and you can log in on the web. I don’t love the latest updates to the interface but it’s usable.

I also use a few proper To Do list managers - I switch a lot depending on what I’m working on but usually Asana, Todoist, 2do. I really like Omnifocus too but it’s a bit too powerful for what I usually need, and it doesn’t have a web interface so i can’t use it at work (PC based, sadly).

(Eve) #6

I really enjoyed Habitica but gradually fell out with it for no real reason I guess. I think it was frustrating needing to pay for a lot of items. Not that it affected functionality but…

If you keep getting distracted by your phone, I’d recommend Forest. It locks your phone down and going off to a different app kills the tree you are growing- growing more and more trees and plants rewards you with coins, which you can save up to plant a real tree. It’s pretty snazzy.

(Herp Derp) #7

I use OneNote coz O365 oh also they have now launched To-Do which takes over Wunderlist which they bought out

(Simon B) #8

I LOVED Quest. I used to use it, but lack of an API or integrations killed it for me. I’ve moved to Todoist, which is far less fun, but works perfectly with Google Assistant, Alexa and IFTTT.


I can thoroughly recommend an app called Wunderlist. It is available on Android and IOS. It syncs across different devices.

The best bit is you can add others to your lists, set them tasks and it notifies you on their completion.

Stupidly I showed my wife how it works and I now have a list called “hubby’s tasks” that she is always adding to.

(Herp Derp) #10

Have you used To-Do yet?

(Graeme ) #11

Unfortunately Wunderlist has been bought by Microsoft and is being closed down. They have created a new app called To-Do which the wunderlist team are working on.

(Caspar) #12

To-Do has lost a bunch of the features I loved about Wunderlist. I think the main one was sub-tasks which I found really helpful for work projects. Presumably it’s a bit like the Monzo Top Up option, in that it’s coming but wasn’t a priority for the new app! :slight_smile:

(Graeme ) #13

Let’s hope so. I don’t understand why they didn’t just rebrand wunderlist

(Sam Watkin) #14

I use Things 3, which while eye wateringly expensive for a piece of software (especially when you have to buy iPhone, iPad and Mac separately) is the first to-do list app that I’ve actually stuck at using. It’s beautifully designed, and has so many smart and delightful features

(Herp Derp) #15



So Monzo pays well then :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I don’t think I would ever spend this much on a to do list. Happy with Google assistant tbh just need to tell it what and when. :slightly_smiling_face:


Some apps are really worth their price though. Time is money and you just have to work out how much time the app will save you and see if it makes sense from a business point of view.


Indeed and some just charge OTT :slightly_smiling_face:

(Sam Watkin) #19

They did an introductory deal when it first came out, which helped! But other apps like Todoist charge on a monthly or annual basis, so if you assume you use it for several years, it can be worth the investment

or at least that’s what I’ll tell myself

(Chris C) #20

It was so good! So simple and a bit fun! The bug is that when you try to add a new task on iOS 11 it will not let you do so easily!

To-Do is actually a beautiful app but missing one feature that I use to help me get stuff done - a minor detail but having an app badge to show a number of tasks you have left. I normally can’t go to sleep having red numbers on certain apps so gives me a little boost to get s**t done!

I’ve been looking at things 3 but not sure if I can pay the money for it. Although I have been using a trial version of fantastical on the mac and it has tempted me!