The world of Artificial Intelligence

So I just watched a tiktok video on the world we live in and the risks that AI introduces to it, so while I don’t think I’m scared of the day to day stuff, what does concern me is the ability AI has to impersonate people in both visual and audible ways, the impact this has on the security of our online world is scary. In today’s day and age we access all our financials online, resetting our access info on monzo requires us to upload a video and repeat a phrase shown on screen, to my mind an AI bot could easily achieve this.

So I guess what I’m saying is, is my money safe with monzo or should we all revert to the old fashioned ways again which may appear to be safer, where your bank teller actually knows you and we shy away from the online world for our sensitive stuff like banking, pensions, investments, etc etc and probably a lot more.

The video I see is here, if I’m allowed to post it.

Your issue is believing what you see on TikTok.


Your issue is replying with anything other than a link to the existing thread about AI!


Because no fraud at all could be committed by an employee of a bank?

Well yeah but no, I’ve also seen some footage on YouTube as well as in the general news and clearly the visual filters that anyone can already use are clear indication of what’s possible.

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Very possible yes, but possible that with your information not floating about on the internet and with limiting the account to access at your bank any fraud that takes place would surely be at the fault of the bank and therefore they’d be responsible to cover the losses.

Good luck finding a bank teller, let alone one that actually remembers any of the customers or can carry out any account activity beyond directing you to the app


Photoshops new AI generative fill option is absolutely insane…

You can take a photo:

And artificially extend the frame:

Then select a section of the photo and describe what you want it to do;

And it just does it…;

This took less than a minute and I haven’t gone in and tidied it up at all.


It’s starting to become quite frightening I think.

It’s only a cat picture, but had you posted the bottom one in the pets thread, I’d have absolutely zero idea that it wasn’t a full picture you’d taken or have any reason to suspect it.

Obviously photoshop has existed for a long time but this is next level. I’d be interested to know if there’s any EXIF/technical data that reveals that the bottom isn’t the same throughout or something. But I suppose a simple copy and paste to a new doc would hide that anyway.


There are definitely still subtle signs in the AI generated regions that is isn’t quite right and if you applied certain filters to the image (like sharpness etc) you would see that AI regions behave a bit differently. But if you were careful with it I’m pretty sure nobody would be able to tell.

Oh, sorry you said you wanted the cats eyes to be open? No problem:

Huh? You want the cat’s ears to be made of carrot? Ok…

On the beach, instead of in the garden? Sure…


Like the human finger that was added with the collar?

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Unreal Engine has AI too now. It’s a while since I made anything with Unreal but I may have to go back and have a ply around, it looks really cool

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The great AI war has begun.

Apple plans to use good AI to fight back against and protect us from the evil AI.

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