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Would be interested in knowing what parts of the article below are true (or still true) and which aren’t. I was about to apply for a Monzo account but the apparent application process talked about here is putting me off!


That’s a year and a half old, when it was a prepaid card and had a waiting list. None of that is relevant now. Proper current account, get your card in a few days and no top up requirement

(Also that’s Daily Mail)


The application process as described there is now completely inaccurate. As @Rat_au_van says, it’s much more straightforward now.


This is the second best read (the article) I’ve had this week…after the “I’m done with Monzo post” which quietly turned out to be a mistake.

I like how the writer couldn’t see £100 in his app straight away so praises other banks but I distinctly remember with other banks (Santander/nationwide?) you have to sign up for the card…once card is received, wait for the PIN to activate the card then request set up internet banking and then wait for you internet banking ID to appear in the post. It was weeks before I saw my cash!

My advice - sign up :slight_smile: you’ll see and it’s FSCS guarenteed of you do have any worries (I didn’t)!


What is he on about in this article … As @Rat_au_van already pointed out this is old, N/A and on top of that it’s Daily Mail;

Don’t get me wrong, banks have always used gimmicks to attract customers. I got an Our Price record token when I opened an account with the Midland in the 1980s.

The youngsters (‘millennials’) building the new app-only banks won’t understand that previous sentence but they’re still dishing out gimmicks like they just thought of it —

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Many thanks for all of the comments.


The chatline people answer questions quickly.

Chatline :joy:


HaHa I didn’t notice that :rofl:

Anyway I have now signed up and it was fairly painless.



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