The Verge redesign

So I think most of us regulars here are not just fin, but also tech enthusiasts. One of my favourite tech pages to read has always been The Verge, I really like some of their editors and the content they produce.

So I was really surprised to see that they decided to blow up the entire thing and rebuild from the ground up. I appreciate what they were trying to do, but can’t help but think that the whole thing is a disaster.

The colours are an attack on the senses, the front page is a complete mess without any way to tell apart where some content ends and other content begins. And the new logotype… well, I can’t read it. I have to stare at it for a good 30 seconds for my brain to register those are letters spelling out The Verge

I don’t seem to be alone on this and wanted to see what people here think since I don’t really partake in social media


It’s a really poor design!!


Really don’t like the new redesign :grimacing:old one seemed to actually match the brand. New one seems a mess

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Have always liked their YouTube videos.

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Social media influence no doubt. Specifically aimed at the TikTok’rs from that visual bombardment style.

It’s not horrendous but it’s quite the departure from the long established, you could say long-in-the-tooth format of the Verge.

Been a huge fan of Engadget/GDGT & The Verge since the early Ryan & JoshuaT days. Nilay still holds it together very well but the loss of Dieter was a big erm… loss. It’s a good wide-ranging tech journo outlet still.

The vid productions are very good - not MKBHD level - but entertaining regardless. I’m interested to see how I engage with the new format moving on. But… admittedly…

I read all tech articles through Feedly and jump into interesting looking ones as-and-when :scream:


Reminds me of the design of Input mag’s website, which is/was set up by Joshua Topolsky I believe. Its incredibly difficult to scan what’s new on both of them

The author’s tag is @reckless, which is at least amusing

And I see that the excellent Dieter Bohn has left them, but for Google :eyes:

I like it. Old skool blogging is due a comeback.

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I quite like it, websites have become so standardised and dull.

Whether it’ll actually result in people sticking around longer and reading, I’m not so sure.

I’m not an immediate fan but I’m willing to give it a chance and see.

I don’t mind the article pages so much, once I get to them, but I cannot find my way around the front page at all, it just blurs into one

There’s also a very stark contrast between comments on The Verge’s own comment section and comments everywhere else on the internet

Exactly my thoughts upon seeing it, very TikTok


Big week to do it, I think iPhone launch/review week does the biggest numbers on the site

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I’m getting used to the new design, I think it works better on mobile. I’ve been there from day one when Josh left Engadget to start This is my next and then the verge. It’s not as good since Dieter left but I’m still a regular there.

What do you think is different?

I do miss him on the Vergecast, but that aside it feels BAU to me (redesign aside).

I’m already getting used to the new site. They’ll pull it back a little and make tweets, but people will also adapt soon enough.

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I loved his reviews, his manner. Watching Nilay’s review of the new 14 I couldn’t help but think Dieter would’ve been better.


Am I the only that keeps confusing the new favicon for Yahoo?


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I hate it.

Why they felt they needed to be come an aggregator I have no clue.

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So with the benefit of hindsight, and Musk’s nerfing of Twitter, feels like the Verge redesign was pretty prescient.