New design suggestion

I only just saw that Monzo are thinking of redesigning the app and I welcome this with open arms.

I love a good dashboard and the idea of seeing key information and statistics all on one page easily digestible is very appealing to me so I came up with this extremely quick sketch. I’m by no means an artist and can just about draw a stickman so go easy on the art skills.

You don’t have to agree with everything or anything at all but let me know what you all think of the idea?


Nope this is unacceptable you need to do it on MS Paint and turn it into a gif showing its fuctions fully :joy::joy::joy:

Looks a bit cluttered that may just be the artwork :wink:

Do like the idea of customisble “widgets” in app

Hahaha I am far too unskilled to be using such complex programs like MS Paint :joy:

Yeah it’s my drawing I think, for example the tab bar at the bottom is like twice the size it should have been. It was very rushed, but it was more to get the idea across and let someone more talented do the artwork.

Thanks for the reply!

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That first page actually looks a lot like Dozens’ opening screen.


Wow, wasn’t aware of that app but it sucks to see something like that already exists because now it means Monzo won’t do something similar but yeah that’s pretty much what it looked like in my head