New Blog Design!

I’m surprised to see that this hasn’t been mentioned anywhere yet :eyes:

I came home last night and spun up Monzo’s blog to see what we’ve been saying and it looks like we’ve rolled out a delightful new design for it :heart_eyes:

It feels so much more inviting and the images really help brighten the page up :tada:

Compare that to wayback machine’s copy from a month ago… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: That’s a pretty stark difference!

What do you think about the blog? :smiley:


I think the reason it’s not been raised, is that most forum members go directly to one post. :slight_smile:


Ooooo fancy :wink:

Me gusta mucho

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Looks nice enough, but still no direct way to subscribe to new stories (i.e. get them by email)

I get them via IFTTT, but that loses a lot of formatting and images, plus would not be very obvious for new joiners

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You know what… I went on this page earlier today and it didn’t even cross my mind that it was new! I’m normally good at spotting these things.

I agree a lot better! Fresh, clean and inviting.


I saw that we were experimenting with the new design internally so I sort of knew what to expect… But I did do a double take when I saw it on my home PC and couldn’t help but share it :grin:


The font used as the main header - ‘Monzo Blog’ - text seems out of place for some reason (to my eye) - too tall?, too thin?

The rest of the redesign looks great.

Just realised what it is that looks out of place - the use of upper-case letters in the header text, as in ‘M’ and ‘B’
Change to lower-case, beef it all up a bit (bold) and it’ll match with the logo in the top-left.