The Thursday Quiz in The Guardian

No, Guardian, no - I didn’t have fun.

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I have clearly spent too much time reading the forum this week. I only knew the answers to three questions this week.

Not great

Was a bit busy yesterday, so only just managed to do the Thursday quiz.


Should have watched paint dry instead. Or a re-run of England’s last match.

By sheer luck more than anything :exploding_head:

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Definitely not my thing this week. One lucky guess, four educated guesses, and one question I knew the answer to.

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4 easy ones, 2 successful guesstimates and 9 unlucky guesses

Quite enjoyed it this week

I demand a recount!

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Just to make others feel better… I’m not up on my superheroes.


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I did one better, 5. Not proud.

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One bright spot: I got the album order question right for the first time ever (still pure guesswork, though).