The race to TWO MILLION users :-)

Ok so its easy on the day that you have 999,540 users to predict a time when you reach 1,000,000 users - congrats to the Monzo team by the way - outstanding effort :slight_smile:

Why bother with the odd half mil - :slight_smile: - next milestone - 2,000,000 users -

My bet now is May 15th 2019 at 3pm :slight_smile:


November 24th 2019 at 7.13 pm

Think growth will slow


2 mill 04/02/2019 11:00am :crossed_fingers:


Not sure yet. Potentially January 2020 although I think that could be optimistic


Tricky one, this one…

I think growth will continue more or less straight line. Without looking at the data, 1.5m this year, 2m by end March 2019?



I think with unicorns, interest, incentives will shock you all and be in the new year …


Dates, Danny, we need dates! 2019 will be a long year! :wink:


ditto Peter, Danny and Andy - specific dates specific times, otherwise its a void bet :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hoisted by my own petard*

Can I set my own terms?

1.6m 1400 31st December 2018
2.0m 1400 30th March 2019

Subject to revision if/when I take a proper look at the data!!

*probably the only time that phrase has been used on the internet in 2018



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We are very much hoping to accelerate growth at this point. We are trying a few things - like the £5 referral test and some ideas around advertising. But right now, we aren’t afraid to say that we don’t know what the impact of these things will be. So it remains to be seen. Word of mouth growth is still strong and that actually seems to be increasing at a decent rate too, but that won’t get us to 2 million on it’s own for a while. There might not be a magic button that sends things skyrocketing but equally… There might be! Or, more likely, perhaps a few different efforts will combine and turn out to be larger than the sum of their parts. :rocket:

Either way it’s going to be exciting to find out :slight_smile:


keep on doing what you’re doing then sending funds from pots - automagically swept into savings interest / ISA account , then crowdfunding round :slight_smile: :slight_smile: - 2 mill in no time


The shape of the curve will be interesting. It has been a straight line for months, which I’ve always thought was weird, unless there’s some limit to the number of daily signups. I would have expected it to be more exponential if the growth is word of mouth, but either way, there will soon come a point where Monzo will have to move from being an exciting new idea to being something that the majority will switch to. This includes people who:

  1. Usually run out of money in the last week of the month, and who think 50p is a lot.
  2. Want all their products with the same bank.
  3. Are not used to contacting their bank, so don’t care about service.
  4. Hate switching banks.
  5. Never travel.
  6. Just don’t care.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it proved impossible to get to 2m without going abroad, and I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. If they can do 1m in fifty countries, they’ll be laughing.


The key to this is hockey stick growth. I think that’s what Monzo is trying to crack atm - it feels to me that we’re are close to a tipping point, but something needs to give. That’s the reason for the experiments in growth, I suppose.

(Then there’s the whole other issue of #fullmonzo vs everyone just having a second Monzo account…)



Well I missed my guess but most of you are still in the race. Any revisions?

Not a revision on a previous guess since I never made an initial one. But, I’m gunna stab at April 15th… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is there any data to go off ? Or am I gonna have to get my hot coral crystal ball out and use that instead :joy:

You could check how long it took to get to 1m users (I’m not sure how long that was), then check how long it took to gain the almost 485,000 users since then (September 22nd 2018 - now … a little over 4 months) and try to figure out a trajectory from that to determine roughly when the 2m point could be.

Personally I can’t be bothered working out all of that, so just did some very very rough mental arithmetic to take somewhere around 2/3 of the time it took to gain these 485,000 users (somewhere around 2.67 months) and add it to the current date. :eyes:

Well if there’s a data set I was just gonna stick in Pandas or something and see if I could extrapolate the trend :joy:

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I may be trying to overthink something that’s just a bit of fun… :joy: