The race to ONE MILLION users!

(Sacha) #181

Give that person a prize! I guessed 1pm, but looks like I got beaten into second place.


(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #183

We finally crossed the line

(Simon B) #184

Amazing news!!!



So it’s on 1,000,540, mission on for two million by Christmas?!

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(Eve) #188



(Jack) #189

Congrats Monzo :star_struck: :1st_place_medal::trophy::tada::balloon:

Such a great achievement!


(Uatu) #190

Congratulations Monzo!

(John Biondini) #191

Congrats Monzo!!! :partying_face:


21st September last year is when I activated my current account card.

I was a beta tester in the first ~6000 current account customers.

That customer growth and retention, I think is actually crazy. :raised_hands:



Activated my card in July 2017 at the event in London.

Crazy ride since then.


Clarified that, referring solely to current account number.

I’m actually user #64382, managed to get in on that CA beta though.



It’s a nice feeling to be an early bird and see it grow and take flight (or grow a horn? :unicorn: )


When did you join Monzo as a Monzonaught, @BethS (if you don’t mind me asking!)


Started my job in January :raised_hands:


Sure my number seems high ?!

I feel like I started late by my number lol …


Don’t feel too bad, I’m user 416457 :frowning: September 2017 is when I joined…

I can’t remember when new accounts were closed for the prepaid?



We stopped prepaid signups November or December last year?


It would have been earlier… The curse of Android.