The race to FIVE MILLION users

Thought I’d get in there before someone else does…

Anyone want to put any dates down?


I think we could get close to my birthday on this one, so I’ll put that down… July 29th :joy:


I think it will be harder to guess especially with the US expansion picking up speed.

(Unless it’s not counted yet?)

I think it’s not counted, based on today’s social media posts saying 4 million in the UK.

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Does it include joint accounts and business accounts? Thinking of my household we either equal 3 (personal accounts for me, wife and son) or 5 (joint account and business account).

No, it’s just Uk personal accounts

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August 3rd :+1:


Going to say 15th July

Aug 9, just because it’s national day. Though I’ll be happy to be proven wrong if it’s earlier :joy:

August 1st (2020) :+1::crossed_fingers:

17 September :calendar:

August 5th :crossed_fingers:t2:

Hmmm. I’d be inclined to agree… 6.5K per day, it’d take 153 days to hit a million, puts us on August 3rd.

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Is this becoming a bit of an obsession?
Can Monzo actually cope with this amount of growth?

I really do hope they can pull it off, but I have my doubts.

That’s the second time of late that you have used a question mark for a topic on FTT and put it as a statement here

It’s okay to ask us here as well y’know

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It was just a typo.
(edited accordingly)

23rd July, my half birthday. :birthday:



If Monzo do get to 5 million users, and can count the majority of them as “active” users then I would be one of the first to congratulate them. :grin: :grin: :grin:

The growth rate has really dropped off a cliff since the virus lockdown… from around 6000 a day to around 2000 a day now…

I wonder why? You don’t need to go out to join Monzo, people are still keeping in virtual contact with friends, family and colleagues.

It suggests that Monzo’s secret sauce for growth is specifically the physical interaction between colleagues or friends, as that is the main thing that has disappeared in the last couple of weeks.

Any other explanations for this?

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