The race to TWO MILLION users :-)

I’m one of those people who finds it interesting to see if the stats bot or whatever lines up with just random guesses or not.

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I reckon they’ll hit 2 million users around 2019-08-19.

There’s a graph here for those interested.


It looks like growth is actually accelerating a bit - so I’m going 15 weeks from today which I think is 22/05/19


Just a general comment I find looking at Grafana and trying to figure out why there are peaks in the account openings per day interesting :sweat_smile:

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Passed 1.5 million :tada::tada::tada:


I think factoring in the immenient business accounts launch i can see it hitting 2 million by the end of may

That number only includes personal current accounts so will be interesting to see if business accounts will be included

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I wonder if you’ll need to open a personal account before you can open a business one? If so, that might bump up numbers a little…


With the theory that someone might move their business account to Monzo without already having a personal account? That might be a small crowd!

So does this number not include joint accounts also?

No. Just the regular current account

Unless they secretly changed it in the last couple of months without telling us :grin:


If they keep adding 5k a day then the calendar says 22nd May 2019… extremely close to @iansilversides guess of 15 May.

Add to that the ad campaign going live in “the second quarter” and he could be on the nose there!


1.8m :eyes:


Surely they have more customers than Metro Bank now. One word “wow”

Might be a bit of a jump by Tuesday too with the recent iOS app store feature

The main webpage has now been updated to say they are adding 35000 new accounts every week. Up until yesterday (or possibly day before) it said it was 28000 a week. Not long to go until 2 million will be reached now!


Allowing for a dip over Easter, they are still going along at a gloriously consistent rate of around 5,000 per day

At this rate it will be around this time next month

The race is on!

Since the advertising campaign has now started, I think there might be a jump up to around 6,000 per day by the beginning of next week.

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My mystic powers of prediction appear to have failed all of us.


1,860,754 today

So I will go May 19th at 8pm

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