The race to TWO MILLION users :-)

(NM) #22

I’m one of those people who finds it interesting to see if the stats bot or whatever lines up with just random guesses or not.

(Kenny Grant) #23

I reckon they’ll hit 2 million users around 2019-08-19.

There’s a graph here for those interested.

(Tom ) #24

It looks like growth is actually accelerating a bit - so I’m going 15 weeks from today which I think is 22/05/19

(NM) #25

Just a general comment I find looking at Grafana and trying to figure out why there are peaks in the account openings per day interesting :sweat_smile:

(Phil) #26

Passed 1.5 million :tada::tada::tada:

(Nathan) #27

I think factoring in the immenient business accounts launch i can see it hitting 2 million by the end of may

(#savetheseabass) #28

That number only includes personal current accounts so will be interesting to see if business accounts will be included


I wonder if you’ll need to open a personal account before you can open a business one? If so, that might bump up numbers a little…

(Michael) #30

With the theory that someone might move their business account to Monzo without already having a personal account? That might be a small crowd!

(Nathan) #31

So does this number not include joint accounts also?

(#savetheseabass) #32

No. Just the regular current account

Unless they secretly changed it in the last couple of months without telling us :grin: