The power of inaction

Time to get our the smallest violins! I signed up for Monzo when it was still Mondo, many moons ago. My wife dutifully signed up too. We decided eventually that beta wasn’t for us, she kept getting card declines because her card wasn’t topped up and she really only wanted a current account.

I also like a simple life. So I closed my account, but Mrs B left hers to finally fall dead when the prepaid ended. I signed up again when the current account became a thing. She completed the prepaid to current account flow a couple of months ago when we got a joint account and went #fullmonzo.

So now I’ve got a customer number in the mid 400 thousands, and she’s got one in the low 10s of thousands, and a beta flare. What’s worse, she doesn’t care about that and I’m insanely jealous.

The power of inaction :wink:

I do feel better having got that off my chest.


Jealousy? From a man of the cloth?!

It’s a slippery slope Rev :wink:

(Welcome back to the fold.)


Which is fine because it makes no difference. Your wife has the same Monzo that you have.

That would annoy the he… erm heck out of me! :slightly_smiling_face:


I take my mates phones and look at their customer numbers and say :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: mines only at ~160k though.

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