The Next Step: Current Accounts!

I wouldn’t rely on it

“Over the next eight weeks we’re going to invite all existing Monzo users to upgrade to a current account, after which we’ll open signups to totally new users.”

Ah. Thought those only worked in 10p units, though my local service station doesn’t over that facility.

Very useful when not filling your tank, I agree.

As recommended by Monzo, I would take a back-up card just in case the coral doesn’t work.

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I will transfer over to current account from prepaid when the time comes and use alongside my Starling account to see how it goes.


I only use this card abroad. And for two reasons: Free atm withdrawals and ease of topping up ( one click in the app). Will this change?

The ‘free’ ATM withdrawals will be coming to an end, although it looks there will be a £200 limit before any charges, see here: ATM Fees Abroad: Asking the Monzo Community to decide pricing

And the top-up feature will make an appearance, hopefully, by years end :slight_smile:

I knew it was too good to be true. Thanks for the info

Just as well I have just received my new revolute card. The last thing we want or need is another back account. Monzo is joining the establishment

Ha ha.

Monzo is doing what they set out to do on day 1. The prepaid card was always a limited time item until their banking license was granted which happened a few months ago.

Not everyone understood what they were buying into, I think, but if the prepaid card was useful while it lasted, I guess there’s no harm done.


The funny thing about these threads is that it shows who are are the genuine loyal users who believe in Monzo and what they are trying to achieve and those that are just cheapskates looking to score some free money as it were.


I like to call them rabid lunatics. :sunglasses:

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Believe in what exactly? In the end of the day it’s a business. You’d be surprised most people are “cheapskates” as you call them. It was advertised as a major feature on moneysaving sites, so what do you expect?


thats harsh and i object to that language used.


I guess the expectation was a little bit of product research before acquisition rather than assuming that a money saving web site was gospel truth.

I don’t think anyone is begrudging those who’ve used the card to full advantage, what is slighly annoying them are those who seem gobsmacked that the card is disappearing in favour of a Current Account when this has been the very public policy of the bank for the last 18 months (since before the prepaid card was launched).


It is great you are now starting the feature parity between prepaid and CA. But is there still work in progress to refine the banking functionality? At the moment it feels like payments and standing orders are still tactical solutions and not yet ready for the mainstream user. Will these also be addressed before the rollout or will what we have now be the day 1 launch?

My concern for you is you will be inundated with queries and questions from new users trying to understand where standard features are that current accounts offer.

It depends how you use the card?

“free” withdrawals will be coming to an end in 2 months where you will be charged cost when withdrawing abroad. POS transactions will always be free and at MasterCard Exchange rate


What will happen to the prepaid cards? I really like using the Monzo card as a firewall between my main account and online shopping.

Its also really handy to be able to give to the kids when they want to order pizzas when we are out.

That depends if the interim solution from the TestFlight app is ported over to the main Monzo app. My understanding was that the TestFlight implementation was a stopgap measure to get the testing underway with the full app being properly provisioned with these features.

You will need to receive a new debit card to use the Current Account. I suggest you contact in app chat to see if it is possible to send you a new card in Austria; it is certainly possible for those who’s card gets lost or broken but as you’re signing up to a new account you may simply be asked to wait.

Prepaid cards will end by the New Year.

You will still be able to use the current account card exactly like you use a prepaid card, except the CA card will have greater merchant acceptance and will offer more features (faster payments, BACS etc.)

@Gemmachalford You will be able to use the current account exactly like you use the prepaid card - in fact the budgeting features you love will be even better on the current account!

You will have to sign up to the current account by the New Year when the prepaid programme will start to wind down - you can delay it until then but I strongly suggest you try out the current account as it is awesome :+1:

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