The Next Step: Current Accounts!

You can use the current account just like you do now with the prepaid card - top it up from another account and you’ll be good to go.

To answer your questions, they say they’ll give plenty of notice before the prepaid cards stop working so it’s likely that they’ll still be good in December.

Same thing for ATM charges, I would expect this to take several months before they implement it.

No inactivity charges are planned anyway but if you still don’t want to upgrade then once the prepaid cards go away you won’t actually have an account with Monzo anymore. :sob:

I’m glad the pre- paid is going, I’m glad there will be a small % charge for overseas ATM withdrawals. Too many people expect something for nothing and then “jump ship” when they have to start paying.


Will there be overdrafts on the Monzo current account and if so, will there be the ability to switch banks bringing that over? I have multiple accounts, one which receives my salary and has an agreed overdraft facility I also use. Can these be transferred over so I can change the account my salary gets paid into and still have overdraft facilities?

Further to this, will I still be able to top up the Monzo current account with bank transfer from my other account as I currently do with the prepaid card? Or is there an amount that must be paid into the account each month?

This sounds sounds brilliant. Fingers crossed for you all that it all goes off without a hitch. :+1:

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Thank you for your help!

To be honest I’d be tempted to look into staying with Monzo for the long term. I haven’t really thought about it until this happened.

I needed something to last me three months in Vietnam and I was recommended Monzo. I really like the card and the app, I’ll be unemployed once I come back from travelling so there won’t be any money going into my current account at the moment. Until I secure employment it’s pretty pointless. Each person will be using Monzo for their own unique reason.

I agree Nick, even though I am using it and possibly jumping ship. They’ve helped us and we should return the favour. I’m just a little worried as I’m relying on the card to keep me afloat for another two months in a different country (My fault I know).




All of the known details, with references, can be found on the extremely helpful wiki that @alexs put together. That’s where I (very quickly!) found the two links above. :grin:


I am going travelling for 8+ months in 5 weeks time (got a monzo prepaid quite recently, specifically for this trip!). Will I receive my current account card before I head off, and if not, will my pre paid card work for the duration of my trip?

Ever tried to fuel to the penny nowadays?

Quite an art :grin:


Not if you use one the of the pumps with the price/volume pre-selector.

I wouldn’t rely on it

“Over the next eight weeks we’re going to invite all existing Monzo users to upgrade to a current account, after which we’ll open signups to totally new users.”

Ah. Thought those only worked in 10p units, though my local service station doesn’t over that facility.

Very useful when not filling your tank, I agree.

As recommended by Monzo, I would take a back-up card just in case the coral doesn’t work.

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I will transfer over to current account from prepaid when the time comes and use alongside my Starling account to see how it goes.


I only use this card abroad. And for two reasons: Free atm withdrawals and ease of topping up ( one click in the app). Will this change?

The ‘free’ ATM withdrawals will be coming to an end, although it looks there will be a £200 limit before any charges, see here: ATM Fees Abroad: Asking the Monzo Community to decide pricing

And the top-up feature will make an appearance, hopefully, by years end :slight_smile:

I knew it was too good to be true. Thanks for the info

Just as well I have just received my new revolute card. The last thing we want or need is another back account. Monzo is joining the establishment

Ha ha.

Monzo is doing what they set out to do on day 1. The prepaid card was always a limited time item until their banking license was granted which happened a few months ago.

Not everyone understood what they were buying into, I think, but if the prepaid card was useful while it lasted, I guess there’s no harm done.


The funny thing about these threads is that it shows who are are the genuine loyal users who believe in Monzo and what they are trying to achieve and those that are just cheapskates looking to score some free money as it were.


I like to call them rabid lunatics. :sunglasses:

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