The Next PM (Boris Wins)

Any shake up will do us good at the moment just to change it up a bit, I mean the model previous didn’t work so it can’t be much worse.
We should give Boris and is cabinet a chance just see what they can do.
I like the fact he’s ruffeling feathers in parliament I think the boat needs to be rocked maybe a few politicians will now wake up and stand up to be counted.

Again - “Any shake up will do us good”, “ruffeling feathers”, “boat needs to be rocked” - what do you actually mean by this? - they are meaningless, directionless phrases - up there with “Brexit means Brexit”.

I see the rise of English nationalism, and despite the words of optimism in BJs speech, I am concerned that members of this cabinet lean more towards totalitarianism and disaster capitalism. I don’t believe them to be Conservatives as conservatism is defined - conservatives were never English Nationalists. An English Nationalist Coup d’état.

So - ignoring the soundbites, lets try and find if BJ has any actual policies… I read BJ wants to create Free ports in poorer areas to encourage economic growth (eg - Teeside becomes a tariff and tax free zone).

The data I’ve seen shows Free ports bring limited economic benefit to those areas, and can be used to flood the country with cheap imports. At the moment, we have a “Free Trade” agreement within the EU which works because it protects our markets. From what I have read, free ports would be Free Trade in the true Laissez-faire sense… potentially high risk to our social structures. Trickle down economics has been disproven.

The risk is that companies will use free ports to hide their wealth, and displace jobs, rather than bring well paying jobs into the area. Amazon distribution centres, not high end manufacturing.

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IMHO its just a merry-go-round of the same faces, in different places doing slightly different things. The overall direction is just a bit lost. Maybe, maybe BoJo can change that, but overall I’m not sure (like I wasn’t sure with Theresa May). Now I’m not saying there is anyone else I think that could do it better - but having a re-assess of the situation x years after the fact I don’t think is an overly silly idea.

And that isn’t to say I know think that the result will be different, it may be more leave than before, but having that ability to re-assess I think is valuable.

Apparently the EDM failed as Labour were outside Westminster calling for an election… rather than calling a VONC which could deliver an Election. No-Deal is one step closer. My company only exists here, because of access to the EU.

Only Johnson can call an election now (as I understand it) before 31st October, My bet is, if he does, it will be to force a No Deal during the suspension of the commons.

In the event of No Deal, I’m unemployed as everything moves into the EU. I’ll be ok - I’m extremely skilled, but many won’t be in my position.

I find the whole thing absurd - we had more power within the EU than any other member state… we shaped all that which people are complaining about.

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Not sure what you mean?
We hold fixed term elections in the UK???
Think you may have misunderstood the UK way of elections?

The point is that Boris needs to be given a chance before he us shot down.

Having a mix up or ruffeling feathers are not windy phrases, it is what this country needed. A
It has made people sit up and look at politics like it affects them.
I’m a 30 something and so many of my generation have rode the " I don’t care" attitude towards politics, that this shake up has made them think about it in a big way. Right or wrong that is good, it will effect us all one way or another and it always has done.

A democratic vote decided on leaving the EU so guess what it will happen one way or another and we will all take a bite of that pie.

I’m a military man, and either way I get paid but it will hugely effect what I’m paid and what o do for a career, and will ultimately decide wether I cart on in my job or leave to work the same jobs in the civil sector for better money.

As British people we need to stand proud of us, we are a great and diverse nation that is more tolerant and diverse than most ( for good reason), but we should be proud to be the great invaded island of the past we are as well as being the great un defeted nstion of the more present that we are. And proud of our great manufacturing herritage that we had and still have over most other nations.

This small island and our home will survive and be strong, and us as the people play a huge part in that.

Deal or no deal we will succeed because we are better than the rest.

I’d say that deal or no deal, we’ll manage (most of us, anyway), but not because we’re better than the rest, but because we’ll have to. At best, in my lifetime, the U.K. has been distinctly average.


Well done to the Tory party for electing such an optomistic and positive leader to become PM. This country will flourish if the scaremongerers let him get on with Brexit and then actually govern the country. Onwards and upwards.

Optimism is easy. Living up to it is the hard bit!

How are we better than the rest? I’ve lived abroad most of my life, in ten different countries, and can’t remember many places where education equips the average man less than it does here. We have a great history, and a good current record on innovation (in business and other areas - including sport), but how exactly are we better than the rest? Most of the rest of the world, for example, have learned to speak a second language, but that’s been beyond the reach of most Brits.

Regarding Boris, I’m on the fence. I would never have voted for Boris, and feel a deep antagonism towards him. I don’t like his track record, but am willing to give him a shot.

This is what I say to everyone. Judge on what they do not what they say. That’s where the anti-Trumpers struggle because if you strip away what he says and look at what he has done (particularly with the economy and North Korea) he is doing a pretty good job.

If you credit him with the economy then I could agree but it seems to me the economic stuff is something he’s happy to say he’s done but there’s very little evidence of any actual action (other than being elected at the right time).

So when he actually does something, I’ll let you know what I think!

With BoJ we have a different problem. He’s done a whole load but apparently we’re supposed to ignore all of that and wait for him to do more. It doesn’t quite add up as a strategy.

Either way we’ll see what happens. We’re committed now.

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If the economy tanked people would soon attribute it to him.

Anything can be attributed to anyone. That doesn’t mean anything in and of itself. It can be just as wrong in the negative as the positive.

I’m just happy that for once we have a can do will do attitude in this country. Instead of the miserable cloud that has hung over us for the last 3 years under TM.

I’m deeply concerned about his ulterior motives, and his closeness to the US president, and his occasionally casual relationship with the truth. However, I hope (perhaps against hope) that he’s not as bad as he’s made himself seem (though I initially thought the same about Trump!)

I would rather we remained in Europe, but I do feel we could probably make the most of either situation (though if we leave, there will be short and possible medium-term pain). What’s killing us right now is this interminable wait and indecision.

I also don’t feel Boris is the person to bring the country back together. We need someone to act as a catalyst to help both sides reconcile their differences.

However, in my opinion, compared to Jeremy Corbyn, Boris is a giant - in terms of both his capability and his integrity.

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You obviously talk to a different set of people to the ones I know then!

Not really. In the (forgotten) North of England people are fed up and angry. I’ve seen the Brexit Party effect in die hard labour areas. I have heard staunch life long labour supporters almost begging for someone like Boris. Not sure if that is compounded by the poor leadership of Labour.