The new payment limit increase flow is 🔥

Given you can do the approvals up to a month in advance, are you not able to do it that way. Most people tend to have a response in a day or 2, so something must be going very wrong for you if it’s taking forever.

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Twice that I spoke to them they only allowed 24h, not a month

Then you need to go back and raise a complaint about it, they do it a month in advance now.

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You can only have a 24 hour window to send the funds up to your requested limit IE 00:01 until 23:59 that same day.

You can’t have a full month of sending up to your required limit. Only a 24 hour window to send it.

Hope that clears up any confusion.

To add. You can plan that payment date up to a month in advance as Dave’s comment above.


Cool!? That’s nightmarish for me!

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When I spoke to complains the only option they gave me is to not use the given forms but contact them via chant instead. As if I want to spend an hour looking over my phone… I also cannot plan ahead because it is raining and I have to pay whenever they invoice me.

Very unhappy with all this. If I knew I had to go through this I would have used a different bank.

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Move to a different bank then, nothing stopping you

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This is why you need another bank account to cater for these larger payments. Plus also withdrawing and paying in cash if required and paying in cheques either at the post office or via cheque imaging.

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It was for me the first couple of times. I’ve done it so often now, though, that it’s pretty much second nature!


Actually it will take me forever if I have to move 10k a time :slight_smile: … lol not forever but right now it will be an even bigger pain in the b****

Get the limit raised high enough once and move it all.

Current account transfer service will do it all, you just fill out the switching request and sit back whilst it takes place

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This is not true. They ask me why I want to move the money, they want me to upload an invoice, a video and a selfie holding my passport. Sit back and white 10 hours whilst it take place, if you are lucky and they don’t deny it.

He means when you move banks - current account switching - not sending money to another account.

Your builder needs to tell you in advance when they want paying so you can plan.

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You don’t need an invoice to move your money to a different account. I know because I’ve done it.

There have been so many scams where people pretend to be your bank and ask you to move your money to a “safe account” which is why I assume Monzo ask to see an invoice. It’s too protect you, even though i can see how it’s frustrating.

What I will say is that Monzo will raise your limit to any amount, unlike some other banks (hi Marcus), where you can never go beyond 25k.

Move to a different bank and good luck with your building work. I don’t think there’s much more to add here.




Just waiting for someone to get back to me having had my limit increase request rejected. Workflow gives me the option of increasing the limit for Personal or Business account. Those are the only two options.

Selected Personal. I added some detail to the request saying that funds are incoming to joint account from a Monzo savings pot by 5pm today. Asked for limit increase tomorrow so that I could send funds from joint account to another bank tomorrow.

Request rejected because I asked for a limit increase on my personal account and not my joint account.

Monzo limits for personal account apply across personal and joint account.



Don’t you have to have the funds available first?

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No, not anymore, it’s been confirmed above in another post, I’m too lazy to scroll up to find it though.

Edit - I scrolled up, it’s not in this post so it must be in another one elsewhere, or I’ve just made up the answer :person_facepalming::rofl:

Doesn’t say so in the request flow. But the funds are visible as clearing before 5pm today and I was requesting the limit increase for tomorrow.

Reason given (in chat) for declining the request was that if asked for the limit to be increased on the wrong account.

Request flow message just said “We can’t increase your limit”.