The Monzo Weekly Diary 2.0


Why the TouchID to view PIN? :sob: Why not be able to view it in the app without the need to compel use of TouchID or a phone with that built in? :angry:

EDIT I forgot Hugo answered this in another thread “By the time we offer full current accounts we’ll be able to do that kind of thing. For now we can’t store/use the card number or security code”



I’m guessing its the easiest way of securing against similtaneous phone and card theft. Can’t assume all users will have secure lockscreen, and an app specific password can be forgotten like the pin



Also for anybody concerned about lack of security in the Monzo app (a subject that has been mentioned before) there are apps available such as one by Norton which enable you to secure apps which may lack a signin password or PIN, or add a second layer to those app which already have such security. The Norton one gives you an option of securing with a Password or a PIN or by drawing a pattern on your screen.

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(Marta) #17

Oi, I forgot about that locker apps exist, since I didn’t need it anytime recently! Thanks, @anon44204028. :smiley:


(Tom ) #20

I never want the app PIN protected by default. It would be infuriating. My iPhone has enough security features that I don’t need or want it on the app. However - anything that moves money out of my account should have that additional protection layer.


(Alex Sherwood) #22

@anon44204028 just a quick reminder, you raised this issue in this post & this was Hugo’s comment -

we’re a little off topic here…


(Tom Dolan) #24

Hi all!

I’m Tom D and I’m the Treasurer at Monzo. That doesn’t mean I sit on a giant treasure chest, but I do manage all the :dollar:. At the moment I’m working on our year end accounts :nerd: and helping set up a budgeting process for our next financial year, having just completed our financial model and project managed the process for integrating a payment scheme :money_with_wings:. This might sound slightly less fun than everyone else’s stories…but I love what I do :heart_eyes:!

I nominate @zancler for the next update :grin:


(Zander) #25

Hello everyone!

I’m Zander, one third of the Monzo design team — I spend most of my time working on the iPhone and Android apps you use, as well as updates and changes to the website :smile:

This week I’ve been bouncing around a few different things (this is pretty consistent every week!). Specifically I’ve been:

  • Redesigning how inviting and Golden Tickets work. You can now see who you’ve invited and how influential you are in the :monzo: community
  • Designing Search for Android that @emmag is about to build!
  • Creating a Help screen on Android and iPhone (not just chat). We’re going to be incrementally improving the experience when you’ve got a question in the app
  • @valerio has written the best terms and conditions for any bank ever, and I was working on how to display them in app/website/email/pdf
  • @hugo and I met with some of the Home Office digital team today to discuss building products that work for everyone (and other nerdy design stuff)
  • We kicked off a project inside of bankification that relates to your salary and the Spending screen. Maybe we’ll have a sneak peek soon :wink:

That’s all from me, a bit of a pick-n-mix.

Next up I nominate @kavi, our newest member of the Android team!


Golden tickets
The Colour of the Debit Card
Golden Ticket Leader-board?
Known issues / bugs 🐛🐜🐞
Number of Monzo Users
Budget Gamification
Referral mechanism after current accounts
(Kavi Dhokia) #26


So @zancler has let the cat out of the bag, but I can officially confirm that I am indeed the newest member of the Android team at Monzo! :tada:
I may have only been around a few weeks but I’m already having a great time working with the ridiculously talented people here, and am pretty excited about some of the cool stuff we’ve got planned… :100:

The past couple of weeks for me have been spent getting familiar with how bank things work behind the scenes, getting into the technicals of how the app works, and basically just admiring the general wizadry that makes Monzo so great. (As well as using all the emojis :sweat_smile:)
Perhaps more excitingly though, I’ve also been working on bringing support – and bill-splitting – to the Android app :money_with_wings:. It’s almost ready to go and should be dropping in the app soooon :clock11:.

I guess you’ll find me lurking around here from now on, but you can get at me on Twitter as well if you’d like.
Oh, and don’t forget to drop your awesome ideas on the Extraordinary Ideas Board!

@matt, you’re up next. :v:



and Kavi you can also find us on Slick


(Andrew Schofield) #28

I think you meant the Extraordinary ideas board :stuck_out_tongue:


(Matt Heath) #29

Thanks @kavi, apologies I was away last week :wink: :skier: :mountain_snow: but I have a bumper update for you this week! :dancer:

Hi everyone! :raising_hand: I’m Matt, and I work as a Backend Engineer on our “Core” team where we focus on the systems and infrastructure which power Monzo :tools:

Recently I’ve been building our integration with the Faster Payments network :moneybag: which will let users of our current accounts :soon: send money to other banks :money_with_wings: This has been super interesting for me as it’s involved a huge range of different things - from networking :electric_plug: (in our physical data centres! :flushed:) to deploying messaging systems like IBM MQ to move payment messages :envelope_with_arrow: and finally our business logic which runs as a set of micro services in Kubernetes :cloud: We finally went live as a direct member of Faster Payments last week :tada: so since then I’ve been testing with a few members of the team - sending money back and forth to the other banks! :bank:

This week I’ll be working on a few fixes :hammer: for one of our asynchronous messaging systems to make it a bit more efficient as we grow :chart_with_upwards_trend: then some upgrades to our Bacs and CHAPS payment systems :money_with_wings: and finally some VPN configuration which involves establishing VPNs from our physical data centres into the Kubernetes overlay network :satellite: that’s meant I’ve learnt a lot more about TCP and BGP :books: I’ll also be speaking about our use of the [Go] ( programming language tomorrow at QCon London if that’s your kinda thing :wink:

Next up I’d love to hear what @ole is up to! :wave:



Is that as a “Direct Participant” at the heart of the FPS system? As while I saw announcements that Metro Bank and Starling had joined I had not seen such an announcement about Monzo.

Or is it just directly connected without using an agency bank?


(Matt Heath) #31

Yes, we’ve joined as a “direct participant” :slight_smile: No announcement as it’s not live for customers, but it will be as soon as we launch our current accounts :soon::bank:



Great news. Congratulations.


(Marta) #33

I would like to give @matt our community award for highest % of emojis used per 100 words in Weekly Diary series. :smiley:


(Matt Heath) #35

Dreams can come true :heart_eyes: :trophy:

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((☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)) #36

There’s a statement that sums up Monzo for me. It’s not available to customers so they don’t make a song and dance about it, unlike some other banks.


(Andrew Schofield) #37

I’m gutted I couldn’t make it to QCon this year otherwise I’d have been there :thumbsup:

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(ole) #38

Thanks @matt! Since my last update we have had a reorg and I am now heading up External Product but the objective remains the same: build the best possible banking apps for iOS and Android :muscle: Currently that means two things: preparing for the current account and when we have time left, improving the prepaid card.

On the current account side of things, we are working with the designers on preparing spending overview and targets for salaries and recurring payments :bar_chart:. We might also get an extra category or two which is something many of you have requested :pray: We are also tweaking the signup flow and are ready to start user testing our terms & conditions page :eyeglasses: (I know that sounds super boring but we believe that our customers should be aware of the terms they accept so we’ve put a lot of effort into writing and presenting them in a way that is easy to digest).

For the prepaid card, we recently launched a super simple version of bill splitting (we call it version 0). The uptake of the feature has been very promising so we are eager to improve the experience for when you split with other Monzo users.

That’s it for me for now :wave: Next up let’s hear what @tapas is up to!