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(Hugo Cornejo) #1

Hi all,

Just a quick preview on something we’re about to build, the ability to use Touch ID to get a PIN reminder.

What do you think? What other things you’d like us to use Touch ID for?

PS: We’ll use the same flow on Android fingerprint once we get there :slight_smile:


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(connorianreilly) #2

Nice! I personally would never use this feature. But I know someone who uses their Mondo for contactless only, because they ‘haven’t got round’ to finding out their PIN.


And access to PIN for those without a fingerprint reader or with certain medical conditions?

On a few apps other financial institutions require entry of the 3 digit security code on the back of your card to reveal the PIN.

Some display one number at a time (e.g. 1***, 2*, *3, ***4) and with others the whole PIN is displayed. I feel the latter is best as certain people will get confused when one number displayed at a time and end up transposing some of the initial digits.

The Monzo Weekly Diary 2.0
(scottymeuk) #4

I feel like this might be because i accidently deleted the text with the PIN 3 times last week, and had to ask for a reminder each time…

(Andrew Schofield) #5

I would hope that the implementation would be “use fingerprint or current security method” (My device has no fingerprint reader).

(Hugo Cornejo) #6

By the time we offer full current accounts we’ll be able to do that kind of thing. For now we can’t store/use the card number or security code :slight_smile:

The Monzo Weekly Diary 2.0

¡Thanks for the explanation

(Andy Little) #8

As @anon44204028 said, finger print scans fail very often for those of us with dermatological issues. The idea itself is excellent though.

(Patrick) #9

My o2 app on my phone (android) is fingerprint protected. On the rare occasion where it fails, it just reverts to the android pass-code. I’m sure Monzo would have something similar, would be surprised if they relied on fingerprint only.

(Patrick) #10

Is that really a sensible security process? I know that anyone with physical access to the card can use it anyway online but it makes it easier to clone a card if you can just get the PIN of the internet by typing few numbers into a website.

Ideally I would like to see the security code on the back of the card replaced with a two-factor authentication system where the app gives you the code to put on the website when making a transaction. (Discussed extensively on other posts). To then make the PIN available to anyone that can see the numbers on a card defeats the purpose of all this added security.

By all means, give us a secure in-app facility to retrieve our PIN. Please, do not link it to information on the card!

(Hugo Cornejo) #11

Don’t worry, It’s not as simple as that. For simplicity purposes here I’m showing just one happy path.

There are a few edge cases and considerations that prevent us to give your PIN to attackers.

(Elizabeth) #12

Opened the ap this morning and had a bit of a buzz around. Once again, was surprised at how intuitive this app is to use and used touch id before learning that this was part of the new update! Just a bit sad to have lost the way of finding my user number!

(Alex Sherwood) #13

It’s still there, just go to Card > Username & it’s just underneath your home address :slight_smile:

(Elizabeth) #14

Sorry AlexS, no can find! Asked Beth about it in the in app help too. She said she would have to do some digging around to find it again!

(Alex Sherwood) #15

Sorry to hear that, please do let us know what the problem was, once you find out!

(laura gold) #16

This is great to an extent. its good that you are moving in that direction. for myself though, this isn’t helpful as i don’t have a touchID phone


Agree. All functions should be available without TouchID. Particularly as people with certain dermatological conditions and working in certain industries are unable to use this technology even if available on their phone

(laura gold) #18

Yes, for example parkinsons, or just the shakes.
Or personal choice, for example i would not use this function. I also do not know anyone who does use this function.