The Monzo Premium card looks and feels cheap

If you didn’t want peoples opinions then you shouldn’t have asked for them.

You should direct your feedback straight to Monzo in future because you can’t expect every single person to agree with you when you post it on a public forum for discussion.

I’ve read this thread, and I haven’t seen anyone getting “worked up.” People just aren’t agreeing with you, and are sharing their opinion about your opinion. No one has said you aren’t entitled to post your thoughts.

This is true, but there are plenty of people here who are more than happy to criticise Monzo. I count myself as one of those people. Others often disagree with me, but that’s what a discussion forum is all about.


This gets to the problem with having a forum with little staff engagement.

People post a complaint or feedback for Monzo, and it gets discussed. But contacting Monzo directly with the feedback or complaint is going to be much more effective. People get confused between the two.

In my humble opinion, Monzo shouldn’t direct customers to the forum for “help” or “assistance”, because it gives the impression that they’ll actually talk to someone from Monzo, which is incredibly rare (although welcomed, when it happens)

Might be easy for us, regular forum users, to discern the difference, but for anyone that does not follow Monzo’s ins and outs regularly, you could get the impression that the forum is an “official” form of support, which is where these confusions come from.

On the other hand, they get “free customer support agents” that solve people’s queries without Monzo having to pay a single thing.

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This is a big bugbear of mine. No one should feel they have to come here to find out how to contact their bank.


Am I only one who just wants a normal card from Monzo? Like a nice black or something?

I don’t really like the hot coral and don’t want something ‘flashier’ either. Just like a regular card would do me okay.

Double edged sword though with that I guess. Certainly the feedback more so than the Complaint, but I often get the feeling the message of:

“Thanks, we’ll pass your message on to our devs”



I don’t think they point people here, but people find it because they want an answer and don’t understand that’s it’s not filled with Monzo staff.

But there are so many instances where the title/body of what someone posts/asks, would have been solved if they put that into the help section. People don’t want to self-serve, they want someone to tell them.

But Monzo absolutely do benefit from the fact there’s people here to answer the questions instead of them going to support and in several instances recently, solved things within minutes that support couldn’t.

Or Google.
Or the search box on here.

This :point_up: and they don’t really help matters with how vague they are with describing the problem either. Sometimes it’s like trying to get blood out of a stone and it makes the whole thing unnecessarily 10 times harder for everyone.

Sometimes I really feel for support with what they must have to deal with on a daily basis.


There’s actually a process for passing it on. But bear in mind, there’s a lot of different views on anything, and then business realities and overall product design and priorities. Also a lot of feedback will be contradictory, or not specific enough to implement.

Imagine if every time Monzo got a bit of feedback from its 5 million customers it implemented straight away. What a f*****n mess the product would be.

Giving feedback to large companies is a good thing. Expecting it to be implemented just because you gave it isn’t, but that doesn’t mean its totally ignored.

Yeah totally unnderstand that - I may be being a touch facetious with my reply up there - but broadly I’d wager that feedback raised directly in app will be the type that gets aggregated and reported on every now and then.

The place I work has something similar - a contact about a product turns into “we’ll pass the feedback on to the technical team”

Becomes at Month end:

Consumer Contact - Quality - Sensory Comments - x1


Not to say it doesn’t get passed on of course, just, they tend to get aggregated a wee bit.


My premium card the layers have started to separate, the card details are starting to peel away from the metal core , will i be charged if i try to claim a replacement ?

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Thanks , i have sent support a message. I am due to go on holiday next Friday and have everything set up using my current card details. Hopefully they will agree to me using apple pay for this duration and then sort out a replacement of my physical card on my return.


Just don’t start the replacement process until you get back from holiday and you’ll be fine. Ordinarily you could replace it today and more or less guarantee you’d get the new one before you leave. But with the bank holiday it’s not worth risking it.

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Hi @DaveJ , thanks for your reply. I spoke with customer services , they have issued a replacement card to replace my faulty one, they said i should receive it in time , however my current card will remain active for me to use in the mean time. So i hope this will cover all areas.

I was worried that i may get on holiday and it fails on me, apple pay wouldn’t be accepted in the canarie islands ,Spain , Portugal ect.

I hope this will cover me completely and with any luck it will arrive on Wednesday and everything will be sorted out again.


I was thinking of the lost / stolen cars scenario actually I think. That’s the one which cancels the card correctly. So yeah you’ll be fine.


@AlanDoe Can we remove the ‘slow mode’ off this topic please. I don’t think it’s needed anymore?


Should be sorted now :white_check_mark: