The Monzo of mortgages

(Tommy Long) #1

Fed up with Virgin Money as despite a being a customer for 4 years they want me to send them a paper council tax bill as proof of residence and the only other option is supposedly a certified paper bank statement.

Is there a “the Monzo of mortgages” yet? Or at least someone with processes not stuck pre-2000?




I’ve seen a bit of chatter about Habito, has anyone tried them?


Must have posted seconds before me :joy:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #5

Please tell us the electoral register was the first place Virgin Money checked…

Habito is a mortgage broker, not a lender as far as I’m aware.


Atom Bank claim to be lending out their hundreds of millions in deposits via mortgage lending. Not looked into it though.


Monzo can do that, if that helps?

(Tommy Long) #8

It does help but I still begrudge the hassle of it all