The Monzo of mortgages

(Tommy Long) #1

Fed up with Virgin Money as despite a being a customer for 4 years they want me to send them a paper council tax bill as proof of residence and the only other option is supposedly a certified paper bank statement.

Is there a “the Monzo of mortgages” yet? Or at least someone with processes not stuck pre-2000?

(Excited about Christmas) #2



I’ve seen a bit of chatter about Habito, has anyone tried them?


Must have posted seconds before me :joy:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #5

Please tell us the electoral register was the first place Virgin Money checked…

Habito is a mortgage broker, not a lender as far as I’m aware.


Atom Bank claim to be lending out their hundreds of millions in deposits via mortgage lending. Not looked into it though.

(Ben) #7

Monzo can do that, if that helps?

(Tommy Long) #8

It does help but I still begrudge the hassle of it all