Anyone applied for mortgage 'full Monzo'?

Hi All,

I’ve just initiated a full switch with the closure of my ‘legacy’ account (Natwest for 8 years) after using Monzo for nearly 8 months primarily, however myself and my partner are planning on applying for a mortgage at the end of this year/start-mid next year and after reading about Monzo only reporting to one CRA and hassle with statements - i was wondering whether any has any recent stories about using Monzo primarily and applying for a mortgage?

Most of the old threads seem to be around issues that are now fixed (proper bank statements can be now PDF’d up and printed etc).

Should the outcome be mostly negative, i’ll just need to re-open my NatWest account after it’s closed which should retain my 8 year history on it anyway.

The reason for going full switch was due to after doing a partial switch and it being a complete nightmare, i feel that the protection of the CASS full switch is worth the jump.

Stories welcome!

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Following this also as I’m keen to know!

I’ve recently just gone through the mortgage process and have been ‘Full Monzo’ since September last year. We applied with Natwest and had no issues! :slight_smile:


Would it retain your history though? Each current account on my file is different according to the account number.

I believe in theory it’s more ‘re-opening’ an account rather than applying for a new one. I remember decades ago i hassled Barclays enough for them to re-open an account i had closed and not touched for nearly 6 years and it still had my old statements dating back to when i had the account.

Could be different now of course!

Not to be take as gospel but I would have thought your old account will still be on your credit record and simply moving to a new bank should not effect anything.
As for statements I think you can download them via the app, or of not I’m sure if you have a chat with monzo they will sort you out.
Mortgage providers will want maybe 3 months of statements and wage slips.


@ASKendrew That’s awesome - did you have any other current accounts open at the time if i may ask?

@Rickynos - Yeh i think thats correct too, but i believe they are removed after a certain time period. I have had a look at the downloadable statements in the app and they don’t seem to be any different from the paper ones you’d receive from a legacy bank. Has the account number, address, full name, bank business details, logo etc so i couldn’t imagine anyone contesting that as long as you don’t mention it’s a PDF printed copy!

You can ask them to send you official stamped versions if the mortgage people do not like pdf statements

Thanks for the responses guys - seems like nothing to worry about overall.

On the same lines - and to somewhat hijack my own thread, has anyone had experience with applying for finance (car for example) / credit card with only Monzo?

My main concern is the lack of reporting to Equifax or Experian which seems to be the ‘big boys’ of the CRA’s

I did have my Natwest Graduate Account still open, but I didn’t report this on my mortgage application (as it sits with £0 in). However there was no problem with the bank statements etc! :slight_smile:

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I would just like to add I’ve successfully applied for a mortgage and have been #fullmonzo for a while now.
I asked in chat for previous 3 months statements and they arrived fully stamped and were accepted by my mortgage advisor no problem.

ditto, I applied with Natwest in may this year, got offer though in late June.

I’ve never entertained the idea of Starling now that I’ve gone #fullmonzo but recently it’s got me thinking about what I might be missing out on

Is it worth a look or does Monzo do everything starling does?

I haven’t remortgaged with Monzo yet but I will be soon. I meant to update the other thread but nobody else seemed to care so I never got round to it.

After speaking to Monzo they think “mortgage providers are likely to look at multiple credit agencies” and if they check CallCredit or someone CallCredit provides to” you should hopefully be OK”. So you can make your own decision.

One of the reasons I was concerned about this is that after moving everything I was aware of my current account went into overdraft a few times as there were still things using the old card number I hadn’t yet moved.

Also I checked and reporting to other CRAs isn’t going to happen anytime soon. :weary:

I’m not buy yet (hopefully in a couple of years), but I’m certainly curious how going #fullmonzo with personal and joint accounts will affect future mortgage applications. Following this topic carefully.

Shouldn’t be anything to worry about - in fact monzo should make it easier to do your affordability stuff since you’re spending categories on monzo will help you fill this in quickly! (Assuming you accurately categorise and tag!)


I re-mortgaged in spring after being full monzo since January. My mortgage broker needed recent bank statements which I downloaded from the app and emailed over. There was no issue whatsoever.


#fullMonzo since April, and have just had a new joint mortgage application with my partner approved (:tada:) in the last few weeks.

Our broker asked for bank statements for 3 months - I supplied two from my personal Monzo account and one from my legacy First Direct account (from before going #fullMonzo).

Monzo was by far the quickest and easiest bank between us to get the statements out of :+1:


Pretty much same except it’s fees are lower if you use things like overdraft or abroad or need an IBAN…if not…same ol same ol. :slight_smile:

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Me and my wife will be re-mortgaging soon with Santander, did you have any trouble with your mortgage?

My wife has a HSBC account and we both have a joint Santander account so don’t expect any issues but just curious?