The Monzo Current Account Preview

Got the patient wait for my current account invite, does it work if I go banging on the door at lunch with Dum Dum Doughnuts? haha

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Yes mine did, I wasn’t sent a separate invite too :+1:

Make sure you click on the button on the initial email to accept the invite, it’s green and says something like ‘Attend event’ and then from that page, confirm you can go.

Thank you for the confirmation. I have noticed now the link from my invite states:

“We’re sorry, this invitation has already been used.”

Thank you, my ticket is now printed and ready.

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I’m guessing you’ve got the bad news already :slightly_frowning_face: but in case anyone else is wondering..

But they are hoping to ramp it up later I believe:

Initially, signing up will be at invitation-only in-person events both in London and then elsewhere around the UK. Later this quarter, once we’re confident we can roll out to larger numbers of people, we hope to be able to post your debit card to you.

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I’m getting the train on my own tomorrow coming from Norwich so you out do me! my wife thought I was winding her up when I said I was going to London to open a bank account ’ what’s wrong with barclays’ was her reply :weary::gun:


Ah, so I’m not the only one from Norwich then :grinning:

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Get her a golden ticket, she’ll be a Monzo addict in no time! :smile:

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Given the discussion about the preview account and its issues and limitations, I wanted to ask if the preview is feature frozen until the full release, or should we expect a series of releases with increasing functionality eventually converging on the full version?


I started quietly with;

“Do you need anything tomorrow afternoon because I …uhm… have to pop out for a couple of hours…”

I’m actually coming from the north eastern edge of Greater Manchester so need to get to Manchester first :grin:


There have been quite a few updates released via TestFlight so far. Haven’t noticed any huge new features, so assume it’s behind the scenes stuff, but I’m sure they’ll be adding stuff as it’s finished rather than having everyone use an incomplete app for months. Otherwise we won’t be able to test and feed back!

I only see 4 releases - do you see more?

I arrived late - 18:20 :scream: but left at 19:00 with card :clap:

4 in a week and a half, that’s pretty regular!

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But they are all version 2.0.0 - I suspect just minor bug fixes. It would be normal to increment the version number rather than the build for additional functionality.

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I agree - there has been no added functionality but it already does more than my legacy bank :joy:.

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Trust me I’ve tried she ain’t interested!

You’ll be sorely disappointed here :slight_smile: The Preview is always going to be 2.0.0, at least while on Testflight


But will we get additional functionality?