The Monzo Current Account Preview

(Eve) #645

I’m excited for this feature- I use two cards in the post office just to get cashback and spending info, which is a bit of a faff really


(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #646

I read it in my ‘holiday monzo catch-up’ :joy: skimming through the threads I believe I saw a tweet saying it was already ready? :grin::grin: Super exciting, can’t wait to see what Monzo have brought to the Android side :wink:


(Marta) #647

Umm, I don’t want to rain on your parade :sweat_smile:, but I don’t expect more than what ios app has. Preview is strongly focused on testing Current Account functionalities, so releasing a ton of half-baked, less important functionalities would seem very hindering. BUT, at least we’d have it and that means a lot! :tada:

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Also… a few of us iOS users are a bit jealous of how good it looks!!

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(Dafydd Thomas) #649

Signed up for Starling to check it out… seems they offer interest on the current balance. Any news for that with Monzo?


(Alex Sherwood) #650

Yes, Monzo won’t be paying interest on in-credit balances :slight_smile:

You should be able to save a lot more money by choosing the right provider for you though, than you will from that interest..

In the longer term, providers like Ratesetter, Zopa & Nutmeg etc. will integrate with Monzo, to enable users to easily manage those services from the Monzo app & earn money from their savings. You can start to get a sense of what that looks like, from this preview.

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(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #651

Sorry yeah, wording on that wasn’t great… :sweat_smile: I just mean I can’t wait for the app :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it’s going to be wonderful if I make it into the testing phase, seeing how well received the current account has been so far it’s super exciting! :grin:

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(Damian) #654

I am booked to visit Monzo towers and get my current account on Tuesday :tada:
Only concern is the best way to get from Guildford into London with the recent news about chaos at Waterloo… I am working so cannot afford to take all day over travel!
Looking forward to meeting some of the Monzo team and others from this forum!



Cannot you go London road (Guildford) station, change at Epsom and go into London Victoria?


(I Can't Wait Till Tuesday, Scrap The Graph Day!!!!) #656

Guildford > Clapham Junction > London Victoria


(Simon B) #657

Have The Verge posted about it? We haven’t offered any early access to press AFAIK, he just must have been selected randomly for an event.


(Damian) #658

Thanks, though it looks like Clapham Junction is also on the avoid after 5pm list:
I am considering driving part way then getting the tube. Morden looks a good option as it should be a single train to Old Street.


(I Can't Wait Till Tuesday, Scrap The Graph Day!!!!) #659

The link does not work.


(Mike) #660

Yep! Most convenient way - make sure you get a ‘bank branch’ train and you should be able to grab a seat and relax all the way to Old St :sunglasses:

Not sure where you’re going to park though??

Alternatively you could get a train to Wimbledon station and then take the 131 bus to South Wimbledon station (a stop after Morden) and take a bank branch train to Old St.

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(P Burrows) #661

yup ill be keeping mine in a drawer for this very reason!!


(Damian) #662

Ah, appears to be mobile browsers only. :blush: Full browsers have to go via this page: - currently third item down.

Mikeee - thanks for the tips. There appears to be a small car park at Morden which I was hoping might be emptying at around 5pm.

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(Caspar) #663

If you can drive to Morden the northern stret to Old Street is fine - pretty quick too. And you’ll get a seat since it’s the first station :smile:

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(Alex Sherwood) #664

Following on from the above, if anyone can attend tonight’s event, I’d really appreciate it if you could take a photo of the slide showing the number of Monzo customers which looks like this. So that we can add that figure to our tracker of Monzo’s growth :pray:


(Leonard) #665

I’ll try do so - although i’ll probably be tucked in the corner trying not to spread this cold I have! :face_with_thermometer: