The Monzo Current Account Preview

(Henry Pedro) #146

1st world problems for real

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(Dovydas) #147

Amazing! Can’t wait to get the current account :slight_smile:

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(Simon B) #148

Just to reiterate, in the Preview phase, you don’t have to stop using your prepaid card and app in order to use the Current account card and app.

I’ve been mostly using my Current Account since the beginning of the month, but there’s been a couple of occasions where the easiest thing for a friend or family member to do has been to send a Monzo payment to my prepaid card, and that’s all good.

The idea here is that we can properly stress test the new things with a selection of people who are more than happy to give detailed feedback as and when needed :ok_hand:t4:



Very excited to hear. It’s going to become a lot easier to track spending soon.


(Bruce) #150

Is this future functionality hidden in plain sight behind the counter…

Will monzo detect future bills… :stuck_out_tongue:


(Alex Sherwood) #151

There’s a better preview of what that’ll look like here -

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(Bruce) #152

Haha I’m on fire with the useless posts today! Thanks

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(joekw) #153

I’m guessing Apple Pay is something that will only be available sometime after the full launch of the current account?


(Alex Sherwood) #154

It was moved to the Near Term - Next 3-6 Months list on the roadmap yesterday :tada:

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(Mike Fuller) #155

Hi @tristan

One of the issues recently has been the problems with your third party card processor. Will Monzo be processing the card transactions directly with Mastercard for the early adopter current account please?



(Lance Rumbolt) #156

Ooh I didn’t know this, I pledged but wasn’t successful but now it seems there are some perks. Fantastic.

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(Alex Sherwood) #157

This is covered by the blog post but it’s subtle

emphasis mine

A Mastercard® debit card, so you can spend anywhere that accepts Mastercard around the world, with a direct connection in to Mastercard

Monzo’s processor was handling the connection to MasterCard before the current accounts.

Daniel’s also mentioned that the current accounts are already running on Monzo’s processor, in the developer’s Slack channel.


(Mike Fuller) #158

Thanks @alexs good news and too subtle for me to spot! :slight_smile:

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(Alex Sherwood) #159

Is there any update on whether the Current Account Switching Service ( CASS ) is will be ready in time for the preview, since Tom’s comments in January?

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(Jolin) #160

Tristan answered this in the distant past of this thread that is yesterday. :wink:


(Rhys Fowler) #161

Was super excited to receive an invite to the current account rollout event but was gutted to see it clashes with a business trip I’ll be away for. Anyone know when the next one might be?


(Adam) #162

@Tristan I’ve received my invitation for Thursday :tada:, is it an issue if my iPhone is running iOS 11 dev beta?

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(Rhys Fowler) #163

@walderston If I didn’t have a clash and could make the event, that was going to be my question too!


(Richard) #164

apologies for a silly q but i’m assuming early investor take up of the none ‘investor’ branded cards is just for phase 1 and once launched we will be issued an ‘investor’ branded card? :stuck_out_tongue:


(Rika) #165

I can confirm that it works fine on iOS 11 Beta 3 outside of the same minor bugs from the regular Monzo app (mostly around uploading images to support).

That said, iOS 11 still isn’t officially supported by either us or Apple yet. We will take bug reports but there’s no guarantee of quick fixes during the iOS developer beta period. :sweat_smile: