#MonzosSummerHolidayDataThing 🛫 📊

All this week on our social channels we’re taking a look into the trends we’ve been seeing in our customers’ travel spending - as international travel returns to levels close to 2019 for the first time.

Just like we did in December, we’ve translated this data into memes and maps to be shared all over social.

I’ve went ahead and created this dedicated space for any discussion that there is on the back of the posts you might see and also allowing us to link up with an AMA we’ve got this week with @chrisdoughty who sourced all the data points for the campaign.

So if there’s a specific meme that you’d like a more in depth explanation into - Chris will do his best to explain how we got the data to validate the meme :thinking:


Slightly unrelated but I have to say I normally like Monzo’s photoshop/drawing skillz but this linked post looks like a five year old did it. Could they not have chosen a nicer card graphic. I know that I’m a pedant but this was the first thing I noticed and it totally distracted me from any useful message.

Should have used the Sunshine Yellow :sunshine: card surely :sunny::beach_umbrella:

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But this is the trend nowadays. Poor Photoshop skills to make yourself look all hip. “Look I don’t even care to make this meme great”




@chrisdoughty does this include data from connected accounts?


Before you ask, I don’t work there!


I think this is it so far…?


Ha those are much better

Yeah I get that. I don’t mind the overall crappiness of it, more the fuzziness of the card and the fact it could’ve been a neon or plus card :wink:

:wave: for this project we only analysed data from Monzo accounts

It’s still better than my rejected submission. I was aiming to capture the fuzziness of data analysis :art:


Mine was rejected too #SadFace


Let’s test the Community hive mind. Where’s Monzo customers’ favourite travel destination outside the EU? :thinking: :earth_americas:

No.1 destination for Monzo users (non EU)
  • Turkey :turkmenistan:
  • Australia :australia:
  • USA :us:
  • Canada :canada:
  • India :india:
  • New Zealand :new_zealand:
  • Brazil :brazil:
  • Argentina :argentina:

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Is it a trick question?

It’s the UK since the UK isn’t in the EU anymore?

I’m guessing London to narrow it down to a area.


USA seems logical, but I think it’s too expensive for a demographic that likes RyanAir. So it’s gotta be Turkey by process of elimination. It’s an odd inclusion among the rest of that list otherwise!

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I chose Brazil as it’s the only one on the list I’ve been to other than the USA. As a woman of child bearing age there is not a single chance I’ll risk being in the USA right now.

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I was thinking Turkey but didn’t think it would be the first option on the poll if it was the correct answer :man_shrugging:

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