New: The Gadget Show

Starts this Friday evening. Anybody else watch ?


I didn’t even know this was coming back, thanks for the heads up! :+1:


I used too. It really lost my intrest a few years ago. Reviewing good devices but stupid tests that didn’t make any sense.
Also it seemed that the competition took up more screen time than the actual reviews.

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I used to love this show back in the day - I think it lost its way. Hopefully the new series will bring it back to the show we loved once upon a time.

I love it, always makes me want to go out and buy new gadgets

Used to watch this ages ago, the competitions were something else! Like someone else said I found the product reviews to be getting a bit silly. I might try the new series.

Every year without fail I attended Gadget Show Live. They stopped doing it but looking back, the last show was mostly stands upon stands of insurance companies and pet adoption agencies.

Most of the main Gadget developers pulled out so I was probably for good reason they stopped it

The competitions were so long winded!
Then they had to extend the competition screen time by filming their deliveries to prove that people won.


Not since Jason left…he was the heart of the show for me. Seems he has been sidelined by TV producers recently and is now making his own YouTube stuff instead :frowning:

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Jason brought a good energy, it was a shame when he left.
I have no idea how Jon is still on it, he doesn’t seem to have a clue most of the time…

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Otis has a good sense of humour,too.

Also like to know the latest in gadgets etc

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New series started last week :smiley: