The future of credit cards, 1986

Was checking out the BBC’s new archive of older content when I stumbled upon this clip from Tomorrow’s World about card tech beyond magstripe.

Interesting to see just how long the concepts that are commonplace today have been around.


Great find

That’s amazing, seeing how far things have come and how some of the concepts such as the reader to see your own transactions didn’t really seem to take off. Online banking got in there first.

Here’s another interesting video from 1969:


Thank you for sharing. Very interesting indeed. I wonder how today’s news reports will look to future generations in 30-50 years!

Wow, that was great as well. Smoking while working at a desk stacked with loose papers, a world composed entirely of men, except for banking clerks and the subservient computer voice. A different world! Interesting as well that they thought cash would die out before cheques.

That contactless card… the size of a small brick :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

But great find though :+1:

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