The future of ATMs


The latest paper from Vocalink is on

“The future of ATMs”


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Would you be able to post a quick synopsis at all? (I would have downloaded it but my personal data is worth more to me than Mastercard’s thoughts on ATMs :wink:)


My humble take on it is that while the world moves towards cashless societies, there is still a need or desire for cash for certain purposes and by certain sectors of society, the unbanned for example be they unable to get an account or geographically excluded from access to local banking services. Therefore ATMs are likely to remain around for longer than some had predicted.

There is a lot of talk about the ownership and connectivity of ATMs including changing to thin client cloud based networks and cooperation agreements, all of which will be of little interest to the end user the consumer.

What will be of interest IMHO is the wide range of innovations, some of which are already in service in other markets, are already under discussion, including:
:black_medium_square: A ‘video teller’ offer that would allow customers to speak to a teller without having to visit a branch
:black_medium_square: P2P payments and money transfers
:black_medium_square: Connectivity to other payments systems – such as connectivity to image based cheque clearing systems in order speed up deposits
:black_medium_square: Providing more advanced banking activities such as opening accounts and loan or card applications
:black_medium_square: Relationship marketing including targeted advertising and membership programmes
:black_medium_square: Contactless Transactions – combining contactless ‘tap’ with PIN entry so that users do not need to insert their card, thus avoiding all risk of ‘skimming’
:black_medium_square: Cash pick-up facility – whereby customers whose cards are lost or stolen can withdraw cash from an ATM in an emergency using a code sent by their bank or another third party. This service could be extended work across entire ATM networks. But it need not be an emergency that drives this function. Customers could be offered a cash code facility in order to give and receive money.
:black_medium_square: Cardless Transactions – allowing customers to preauthorise withdrawals via their phone and then using a contactless system to tap and collect their cash. Some users who are anxious about the length of time they spend at an ATM or about the risk of skimming may find this attractive


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The full PAN is available via the contactless interface :wink:


Yep. It is amazing how much data an NFC reader will tell you. I can scan some bank cards and view all my recent transactions, so they not just stored in my bank account but on my card too!


Do you know of any practical use for that feature?


No :wink:

EDIT: Checking where your partner/kids went shopping ?

Transaction Logs on Debit Cards
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Interestingly the ATM’s at some Spanish banks have contactless pads that you can use without putting your card in. Not seen them used yet but it would speed up transactions.

I would imagine limited to the same as spending and I would also imagine it was just to take out cash rather than do any account administration.

Even better would be something like logging onto Monzo and saying that you want £20 out, walking up to any ATM, tapping your phone and cash comes out via Google Pay.

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I’ve used them in Spain and in U.K. I wouldn’t say they are much quicker (you still need your PIN), but at least you know your card won’t be retained by the machine, and neither will the mag stripe be skimmed.

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Ah with the PIN it’s less exciting, though I suppose if you only had Google Pay you could potentially still access cash machines without your card.

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I guess it’s theoretically possible, and may well exist elsewhere, but I haven’t seen it in Spain or here.


I think the contactless ATMs use a custom application on the cards as they only work with their own cards; otherwise they would already work with all contactless cards & mobile payments (assuming the issuing bank supports contactless + online PIN). I’ve seen those ATMs in Santander in the UK as well but no luck with a non-Santander cards.