LINK cards in the future?


Had my card account for three weeks and I love it.

However, today I tried to use my debit card at an ATM in a remote area but was refused because it wasn’t a LINK card.

Anyone know how often this may happen to me? Any chance of having a LINK card in the future


Hey Tom,

Haven’t heard of any plans myself but I did see this posted here a while back which may be interesting,

The plan is certainly to stick with MasterCard network in the short term I believe. There’s no way to tell what may or may not change in future.

LINK is going the way of the dodo. I don’t see what they bring to the table that Mastercard doesn’t already have.

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Maybe cash machine withdrawals on non-MasterCard compatible ATM’s?

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Apparently they bring…



No plans for LINK specific cards, I’m afraid.

Most LINK ATMs are also connected to the Mastercard network, and so work fine. However, there’s still a few LINK ATMs knocking around that aren’t connected to Mastercard, and these ones won’t work with our cards.

These LINK-only ATMs seem fairly common at Co-Op stores. At some point (soon, I guess) the remaining LINK-only ATMs will get replaced - since the parent company, VocaLink is actually now owned by Mastercard!


Exactly my concern - even if we assume there are a lot of LINK-only ATMs now, I can’t see that being the case in the future. As an ATM operator, cutting yourself off Mastercard and only supporting a local scheme doesn’t make any sense.