The "Forget about last night" button

(Simon Tomes) #1

Here’s the tail end of me sharing my recent Monzo joy with my mates on Whatsapp.

He’s got a point!

How about tapping a “Forget about last night” button?

It removes all transactions related to the previous evening. There’s no way to get them back, the night is forgotten and you continue the rest of your day nursing a hangover feeling slightly better about what you didn’t spend.

What do you think?

Drunk Mode - Temporary Card Freeze
(Herp Derp) #2

lol works for me, I smashed it hard over the Bank Holiday and Monzo combined with Uber makes me cry.

I only feel better as for some reason I got a refund of £7.12 from Uber

(Peter ) #3

How about this as a notification?

:rolling_eyes: :beer:You don’t even want to know how much…

(Simon Tomes) #4

Amazing! :joy:

…as you swipe left and select [FORGET].

(Hugo Cornejo) #5

lol, we should build either this or a “dignify my transactions” that replaces fast-food and pubs with National Geographic subscriptions and museum tickets :slight_smile:

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