The end of The Big List!

CASS for joint accounts is complicated. It has to be a joint account to joint account, so unless you both have a joint account elsewhere together CASS isn’t going to be an option for you

Well done :monzo:

Yes, we all have our niggles and complaints, but all in all some serious development over the last few months with some wicked new features :smiley:


You can do sole to joint and joint to joint. You just can’t do joint to sole.

CASS has worked for a number of people so far it just depends on wether outgoing bank will only approve the switch with both PANS or not (only in the case of outgoing JA). There might also be a few other niggles big it’s generally worked smoothly so far


I stand corrected… that was correct when I last changed joint accounts (and it was a pain in the backside and I wouldn’t particularly have recommended it).

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Contacted Monzo in chat to request to withdraw a higher amount, they said that they didn’t offer this. I referred them to the big list and that it was ticked as done, they then said that to most users these days £400 was a lot of money. I did say that the blog and list is misleading, the reps offered to raise a complaint, I wasn’t complaining or wanted to complain, I was merely following the instructions within the big list blog. So either the blog is incorrect or service reps were in the dark. Either way I had to use my old bank account to make the withdrawal. image


To me it sounds like a bit of misscommunication.

See here:

It may be worth speaking to cops again or speaking to one of the Monzo team on here so they can look into it for you.


Editable standing orders - thank the gods.

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Payment management yepee.

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Praise be for payee management :soon:

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Hi Tony, sorry that we haven’t made things as clear as we should have.

For most users, the limits are enough or they can split the withdrawal over a couple of days.

It is possible to temporarily raise your ATM withdrawal limit, but we’ll need notice and some further information from you.

Hope that helps!

Being able to transfer money OUT of pots would allow for this. WOOP

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Just like this?


I still really need fortnightly standing orders before I can go #FullMonzo

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Would be great to see some stats on the Big List items, for example:

What proportion of people use Apple Pay?
How many joint accounts are there?
How much forex has gone through TransferWise?
How many people have used the website?


There were 17,001 joint accounts on Friday


I’m guessing they don’t count on the main counter?

No, only activated personal accounts

If ones that haven’t been activated and joint accounts were included they’re over a million accounts

Wow - that’s a lot of non-activated?!

What does non-activated mean?

Create an account and do nothing when the card arrives?

I think the figure on the website also adjusts for closed accounts? The million plus figure is for all accounts ever opened?

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