The Colour of the Debit Card

(Ben) #352

I would love a Hot Coral version of “nothing on the card” for sure.


I really like Monzo… coral colour is fine.
I would pay some extra for different colour… without any additional features… just for debit card :slight_smile:

(Ben Talbot) #354

Just found this by chance while going through some other tweets…

I didn’t know they were even looking at this. I guess they might’ve decided it absolutely wasn’t worth it?

(Ben Talbot) #355

Can we see a picture?

(Kevyn) #356

Monzo did introduce the coral core debit cards after last August. Maybe that was the design improvement.

(Andre Borie) #357

Here’s my :monzo: collection.

From top to bottom:

  • Current account with no coral core, explicitly requested a nameless card
  • Current account with coral core, nameless again
  • Current account preview with the old MasterCard logo, sadly the chip died
  • Beta prepaid card

(Kyle) #358

Definitely agree, need additional designs colour :speak_no_evil:.If I start using the joint account I would most definitely like a different colour to defrentiate between the two. Having a small icon in the corner is in my opinion not enough of a difference :hear_no_evil:. Also it’s even less obvious when selecting a garden in Google pay or when using my Curve card :see_no_evil:.


Why the specificity of a nameless card?

(Andre Borie) #360

Whoever takes my card or takes a payment (contacted payments print the name on the receipt I believe) doesn’t need to be able to know who I am or what I do (which is a quick Google search away).

Plus again I like the generic/untouched look instead of having a personalized one. If I could even remove the “Monzo Bank” text I’d do it.


Doesn’t it cause issues when making payments over the phone or online?

(Simmy) #362

Colour of the card is irrelevant if you use Apple Pay, just saying :wink:

(Leon) #363

So if it’s a quick Google search why are you worried?

(Simon B) #364

Exactly the reason my cousin requested a nameless card. He has a very unique name, and is a multiplatinum selling music producer and DJ who has produced some of the biggest acts in the world. He doesn’t particularly want the random staff in the corner shop etc to know who he is. His name is so unique that many people would Google it just out of interest.

(Peter G) #365

Out of interest, does Monzo have a policy on nameless cards, or is it on a case by case basis?


I thought you could request one at will?

(Rika Raybould) #367

It’s a case by case basis that we almost always approve!


Has anyone got one, who know of anyone whose had issue with paying for stuff online or over the phone?

It always asks for “name on card” - Would leaving it blank work?

(Ben Talbot) #369

How it should be, thanks guys

(Ben Talbot) #370

Actually, do you know if it would be possible to get one without the Monzo Bank soon?

(Andy) #371

Off topic but please tell me it’s benny Blanc!