The cash register sound has disappeared since 2 iOS updates

Cash register sound has stopped working on iPhone 13
Details to reproduce:
OS: iOS 15.4.1
Device: iPhone 13
App Version: 4.27.0 #823


It’s still there.

Have you got your phone on silent? Turned sounds off?

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I still get the sound :eyes:

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Interesting, I switched to an iphone and have never heard it… assumed ios didn’t support it. How do you switch it on?

Ensure notifications are on, your sound is on, and that you have the notifications not set to arrive quietly (or in summary).

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Hi, yes sound is on full, notifications are on, it used to do it but stopped with one or two back iOS updates, I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it, I get a banner on the locked screen and notification area, it’s just the sound doesn’t sound, Monzo, any ideas please? Does your app need reconfiguring for the most recent iOS? The sound was really useful when you made a transaction when your phone was in your pocket

Not sure if you were talking about Monzo settings or phone settings

If you go to your phone settings > Monzo > notifications, is that toggle on for sounds?

Mine definitely still does the noise on my 13 Pro, I tested it just now transferring between 2 accounts.

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Hi, I can’t see any setting in the Monzo app for sounds, on/on, there is in phone settings and it’s on

What settings have you changed on your phone? Volume up? Not on silent? Do not disturb?

This isn’t a Monzo change so it’s something you’ve done on your device.

I’ve done those basics, the phone sounds when it rings, I’ve not changed anything it just stopped making the cash register sound