Contactless card doesn't boop at some contactless terminals

Over the past few days, I’ve run into 2 places where contactless cards & mobile wallets are accepted, but the terminal won’t pick up my monzo card at all. Anyone else running into these issues?

I’m not exactly sure what the cause is, so I looked up the model of these terminals if you want to take a deeper look at it:

here’s a video of my monzo card not being picked up after multiple taps, while my cashapp card works just fine on the first try:

I wonder if it is to do with MSD vs EMV

hmm now that I think of it, that might be the case. both of these terminals are models from 2012-2013, before EMV contactless was largely a thing in america. can anyone confirm if the monzo card supports contactless magstripe?


Contactless Magstripe will always be declined by Monzo in the UK. This is in line with EU law.

Also, our cards manufactured from January onwards won’t have the physical hardware required to process Contactless Magstripe… So that could be it… When did you get this card?

This is Monzo USA

Sorry I’m blind


just over a week ago? it’s also safe to assume America is at least 10 years behind Europe with these type of things :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if our US cards have that capability…
And yes, it is undeniable that the US is at least a decade behind Europe, when it comes to card payment tech & culture.


Hope I’m not being offensive here… I just follow the data, I promise :open_hands:


Offensive it isn’t, a lot of us are not happy about this either.

But if the US cards are also following the “no MSD contactless” rule, that might be it and well, we can only hope that these card readers will one day be updated to keep up with the rest of the world.

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Our US cards do support contactless magstripe :+1:


Someone or something @monzo needs an update then!

Your wrong it can be enabled for short periods , here in the UK , and I assume the same for the us ! , Am sure someone at monzo can comment on this

Magstripe and contactless magstripe are different aren’t they?


@Knoted - this page is about Magstripe, which is the black line you can use to swipe at supported Point of Sale devices (quite popular in the US). It relies on very little security, hence why it is not recommended and (hopefully) soon to be decommissioned.
Magstripe Contactless relies on the same exchange of information as standard Magstripe, bit without touch. It is already decommissioned by EU law.

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Fun fact: most of high volume fraud out there is done via Magstripe. So we want to kill it


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Totally different and completely incompatible with each other, its enough to makes you question if these “monzo experts” know what they are talking about , and good catch I read that at 1st time with catching that mistake but then I know the differences between the two, and would assume it was a thing but if you read that with little knowledge then it just ass confusion were there shouldnt be any,