The big mil'


I think Monzo’s a good candidate for a future announcement with Apple (you can just see Tom on stage with Tim) - but I wonder if there’d need to be much more of an international profile first?

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Well they could use the stage to announce their US launch as well…


That’s what I’m talking about! If they can showcase an Apple innovation that would be the perfect launch pad!


everytime anyone mentions one million “users” I always hear it said in the voice of this…

bet most of you don’t even know the film!

Defo going to be at a million way before Christmas! Reaching 1 million, might actually cause a surge in new accounts also, as a million is a big number, so lots of fence sitters might think they need to get onboard!


Increased media attention around reaching 1 million could also help.

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An impressive spike in new users today

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I invited 1 of those! :grin:

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New chip on Monzo Card

Longer than average Apple Pay implementation


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If that happens, I hope @tom @simonb (and a few other from Monzo) do the evil group laugh during the Keynote :joy:

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Yes! Three new sign ups were people I told about Monzo, I’m off to tweet and post on FB about my initial thoughts see if we can encourage some more sign-up.

Does anyone else feel uncomfortable calling their legacy bank?

It’s really incredible to see the numbers after a year. Amazon photos reminded me of this screenshot I took a year ago on this day. From there to just shy of a million in a year is quite an achievement for a new bank. Well done :mondo:



~18,000 to go!




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