The race to ONE MILLION Monzo 🇺🇸 users!

The UK is up to over 3 million already, when will Monzo :us: reach it’s first million?

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Tough call this one, if the US click with Monzo it could be super fast … but also might take some traction to get going.

I’m going to say July 4th 2020.

They haven’t even started taking from the waiting list yet


Also, how will you check the figures?

Are you assuming that there will be a counter on the homepage again? (unless there is already and I’ve missed it :see_no_evil:)


I think a very very long time.

A little bit premature I think :joy:

I’ve seen a number bandied around amongst US team as a goal for Q4 but it’s not my place to share it just yet - I’m sure US team will share in due course if they choose to. It’s far less than a million though :joy: We only anticipate really doing handouts and friends/family for at least the short term, and based on how that goes, we’ll move towards mailing out cards at the right time.


Any chance of putting a counter at the bottom of this page? :crossed_fingers:

Would be interested to see how numbers are expanding, even without knowing targets, etc (though I appreciate the US team might feel it’s too problematic at this stage).

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