The ability to Buy/Sell Cryptocurrencies

Would be a nice addition, if possible, of course.

From memory it’s something the CEO of Monzo isn’t interested in.

To me: this seems a little narrow minded. Its an entirely new market which is being ignored. Is this because Cryptocurrency has the potential to take the control away from the banks and put it in the hands of the consumer ?

No it’s more likely because it’s incredibly volatile and has potential for inexperienced users to lose lots of money.


Agreed, the market is not mature or regulated; simply remember the highs of 2017 at this point in the year and you realise we have a long way to go yet.

This is the main reason most banks won’t touch it.


It is also hard for people to comprehend how it works or see value in it.

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Taken all of your comments into consideration, It could be just available for eligble users. But of course, its not regulated, so not a good idea for now.

There is apparently a bank in Switzerland that is the 1st to get a crypto license, so I can only assume it is regulated somewhere to a point ???

World’s 1st crypto banks get licenses in Switzerland

For eligible users… how would Monzo determine who’s eligible to buy/sell an unregulated asset?

Perhaps in the future, cryptocurrencies will be a regulated asset and require a licence to trade alike to a stock broker.

I think a wallet for storage would be a much better idea.

You don’t buy currencies/forex on standard legacy bank accounts. Just Store it.

Lol I meant on a common level for current accounts.

Also, brightonbitcoin? You run local events?