Crypto currency/ bitcoin / wallet

Hi Monzo team,

I would really like to see an integrated Bitcoin wallet in Monzo, allowing me to move funds into and out of BTC easily (like using my Investec savings pots). I and many others are using Bitcoin as a long term store of value / hedge.

Do you have any plans in considering this in your roadmap, perhaps this year ?!?


I’d prefer to just be able to see my Coinbase account in Monzo.

Don’t see what value Monzo would be able to add by offering a crypto wallet.


Here’s a good example of something I wish we could downvote.

If Monzo spend any time developing any bitcoin functionality in the next year or so, then it’s time NOT spent developing things that will benefit the vast majority of people who don’t use bitcoin.


That’s your opinion, which is one of many.

I would like to see a Bank embracing all type of currency and provide ease-of-use functionality
(i.e. if you are traveling to pay with a wallet that holds Bitcoin or any AltCoins (EOS,Ripple or Etherum)

Yup. My opinion.

If the majority of the 2million users of Monzo want this then sure. But I’ve no idea how many would want it, and I don’t think bitcoin is mainstream enough usage wise to warrant any work. Again, my opinion.

If you want bitcoin why dont u use revolut

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Nothing wrong with your opinion. However I disagree as i think there is a need and crypto’s like Bitcoin/Litecoin are becoming more mainstream.

I just think for a Bank like Monzo (who does not own any Branches) and everything is done virtually. It would make sense for them to invest or at least explore the avenue of crypto currency and see what functionality they could offer to their customer on their platform who do own crypto currency.

Monzo already provides faster payment method to - which is good.

However I would like to have the benefit of storing some of my Bitcoins on a wallet with Monzo and be able to do payments from it.

Recently alot of fraud has been happening with crypto currency so i dont think its something they will do

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Why? What is the cost of this versus the expected revenue generation? What is the benefit to Monzo, 1,000 new users, 10,000?

Not saying it shouldn’t ever happen, just that right now I don’t see the upside for Monzo. Investing time and effort in something that few people would use (no I don’t have numbers for this either…)

Anyway, good luck to you.

One of the biggest bitcoin ‘celebrities’ (and if you believe his alias, holders) is a Monzo product manger. I’d have thought if he and the company could see a fit then they’d work on it.

Personally I think it probably is too early, with other means to buy, but I do expect that one day it will be unavoidable…!

Providing some intergration so that individuals can gain exposure to other assets from within monzo is a great idea

if you could allocate weath within the savings pot this would make sense

There are apps out their already that do this, so providing this in one app would be a great innovation

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