Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency

(Sandeep) #1

Have the team thought about allowing storage or exchange of Cryptocurrency ? :slight_smile:

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yes - you can search topics by simply entering bitcoin in the search feature - top right of the webpage - Bitcoins

(Rika Raybould) #3

I personally think this is better served by a 3rd party with Monzo remaining focused on creating the best current account.

With future additions to the Monzo API, I could certainly see some reasonable integrations with BTC exchange and wallet accounts happening. That also appears to be the direction that the Monzo team is generally leaning towards. Keep the core product relatively simple and enable integrations with everything else.

(Herp Derp) #4

Is Bitcoin still a thing then?

(Sandeep) #5

Agree , focus is always key at the early stage of a product or business. I was more thinking in the area of easy to purchase generic Cryptocurrency specially with BlockChain being one of the huge hot topics across entire Finance and all the proof of concepts being tested around etherium. Many developers would find it convenient to purchase ether and redirect it to their personal wallets using some kind of exchange. The key is always “Convenience” rather than anything else for mass adoption. That is a interesting audience/market tho. Many leaders even in finance don’t even hold any kind of Cryptocurrency purely because they find it too techi or just used to traditional banking services and made no attempt to acquire some and build there understanding. Just my thoughts , something to ponder …


Monzo, you need to get in on this before its too late


In true FinTech start-up fashion, and because us Brits :uk: love a good queueueueueueueue, there’s a wait list.

If you’d be so good as to click on my link, then post yours for the next person, perhaps? Thank you :+1:


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I’d like to buy some crypto (BTC and maybe ETH) and would like advice on which are the best online brokers to buy from. Coinbase is out of the question as they insist on 3D Secure and (from what I’ve seen) don’t accept UK wire transfers.

Regards. :+1:

(Liam Whitelock) #13

I’m wondering the same thing. Any help would be much appreciated.

(Josh Bray) #14

I use my old Halifax account to buy bitcoin on coinbase. They seem the most secure and reliable.


This appears to be a complete hassle in the UK at the moment. I have got round it using eToro. On there, you don’t own the coins - you own a Contract for Difference (CFD), which is basically an ongoing bet on the price. You get all of the benefits without the risk of losing the coins, and you can buy and sell in one click, with no fees. You can also just put as much money in as you can afford, without worrying about how many coins (or part coins) that represents. The spreads are quite wide, so it’s not a good idea to keep trying to beat the peaks and troughs (as I did when I started), but it’s a great interface, and has a social forum too. The other option is spread betting, which is similar but slightly more complex, but also tax-free. CFDs do attract capital gains tax, but are also tax allowable if you lose.

(Michael) #16

Plus 500 seems pretty easy to set up and use
On the basis I have not got a clue about this weird untouchable pretend coinage have set up a trail account with make believe money, bought various Bitcoin needless to say losing quite nicely at the moment.

(Henry Pedro) #17

Any advice on alt coins in terms of wheres good to buy (without having to ‘trade’ to purchase them)?

Something simple like coinbase would be great

(Louis Otto) #18

I believe on eToro you do own the coins and/or partials on cryptos. You might not be aware but they’re building a wallet system for cryptos right now so you’ll be able to trade them like exchanges shortly.


localbitcoins, kraken, bitcoin ATMs…

There appears to be a bit of taxi driver syndrome going on in crypto at the moment, be careful out there.

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im a bit slow this morning i dont quite get what youre getting at


One of the really successful investors of the last few years used to quip that the time to sell any security is when the London cabbies tell you to get into it.