Thank You Everyone!

So for the past two years i had a non contactless RBS account which i had to call up everytime i wanted to check my balance and transaction which was a pain in the backside as i had to keep an excel spreadsheet.

Someone suggested Monzo for me at the beginning of last month on another website, so I joined and received my card the very next day !

Joined this forum and had a great welcoming and support from everyone, and many of you know i had a lot of questions to ask, lol. Now i can do my bit to help other newbies.

During June i would top up my Monzo every week just to get the hang of things, and finally this morning my allowance came in and now i am #fullmonzo

Monzo is by far the best bank i have ever been with

So thank you Monzo and thanks to you helpful lot on the forums :slight_smile:


Aw, thanks @Venomx! It’s great to have you around :heart:

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That’s what we like to hear!

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