👋 Thank you and goodbye for now

Hey everyone, Jonas here, one of Monzo’s founders. Today is my last day after nine years! I posted a little thank you and goodbye note on the blog, but wanted to make sure I also post it here so you don’t miss it.

Thanks again for all the amazing support and feedback over the years <3 I’ll pop in again over the next few hours to answer any questions you might have.

Much love, Jonas


Best of luck, Jonas!

Two questions fro me;

What was your biggest “oh fuck” moment? I think it’s important for people to talk about mistakes they make, it’s how we learn, nobody is perfect. The time you did something in prod that you really shouldn’t etc!


What did a colleague do that really impressed you that was maybe out of their remit/comfort zone? Obviously keep it a bit vague and don’t have to name names and probably not “TS really helped us” type thing you mention in your final letter, I’m thinking more when Doris went over and above to notice/fix/help a customer/colleague.


Good luck in your new venture, is the toy you’re making going to be Megan 2.0?



Good luck for the future & thanks for the engagement, effort and sheer will to succeed!

End of a Monzo-era right here.


Hell of a run, Jonas :hot_coral_heart:

Thank you (and Leah, Tom, Paul and so many others in the OG team) for infusing the company with real values. I’ve taken so many of them with me in my career.

Thank you for helping prove that a company that put community and transparency first in an industry that had never done that before can scale to success.

And thank you for the part you played particularly in those extremely memorable early days. None of us knew whether we’d be successful back then but it was so clear to me that something different was happening and why I was so excited to be part of it.

Take a well deserved break and send my love to Leah and the family :hot_coral_heart:


Thanks for posting to say goodbye and for all the blood, sweat and tears you have undoubtedly poured into Monzo over the years. I never thought I would have such engagement or personal investment (not just monetary) in a bank so that is quite a feat in itself, you have shown that a bank can be something different.

Love your comments in the letter about not getting complacent - this really is where a lot of businesses get into trouble. Looking forward to seeing what comes next, and hoping that the customer really will be the main focus for that.

Best of luck with your future endeavours!


Thank you for everything you’ve done to shake up banking. Changing to Monzo literally changed my life. I am now free from credit card/loan debt and actually saving some money. I couldn’t have done it without this app that seemed to magically gel with my brain.

Good luck with your next adventure!


We’ve been lucky to have you Jonas! Thanks for helping get us this far :rocket:


Best of luck with your future endeavours mate, I’m sore you’ll go far, you’ve helped to make a great bank and it’s getting better!


There were too many to count :rofl:

The worst technology incident I can remember must have been in 2016 or 2017, when we encountered a bug in Cassandra (our production database) that actually corrupted some customer data. We had to decide whether to restore from a backup that was several hours old (and thus losing a small amount of customer data), or attempting to fix the corruption (but if we couldn’t, we’d have to go back to a backup and lose even more data). Thankfully we were able to identify what data got corrupted and backfill it from a different data source, but that took us over 24 very stressful hours to work out.

One particularly memorable non-technology “oh fuck” moment was when covid hit Europe a few days after we signed a termsheet for a new round of funding from a large institutional investor, and they subsequently put all new investments on hold indefinitely.

I remember one case, but unfortunately I don’t know who it was, where somebody hopped on a bike and dropped off a replacement card that was urgently needed halfway across London. I think it’s that kind of stuff that really gave us our start.


:scream: :scream: :scream:

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Jonas - you have chosen a beautiful part of the country to put down roots. I wish you and your family every happiness there.

When future histories of banking come to be written, Monzo will be praised and lauded for its quite unique role in the fintech revolution. It’s a considerable achievement to have been a major part of making that happen. Thank you for everything you have done in building Monzo to be what it is.


Really nice to read that and good luck in your future ventures. And thanks again (for you and Tom plus the whole team) for making Monzo a thing in the first place. Though I don’t bank with you anymore, I’ll be eternally grateful to ‘mondo’ for helping me get on top of my finances for the first time in years.

Have a great festive break (and please feel free to update with your future ventures if possible) :christmas_tree:


All the best, and looks like you’ve got your hands full with the kid and the toy!

Also, good to see it put so plainly how TS and Sujata have done amazing things in the last 3 years, and how as a founder you are so confident in their ability to ensure the business keeps progressing


Congratulations on the next phase of your journey Jonas.

Did the sous vide last 9 years as well?

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All the best for the future. Out of interest, what’s your Monzo user number?


Shockingly, yes! I am now so old I have almost 10 year old kitchen appliances :scream:

Number #11 - Leah made us do a fair draw for the first cards, but some people who shall remain nameless skipped that process :wink:


Good luck in the future Jonas!

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All the best Jonas & family Cotswolds eh! Heaven on Earth springs to mind.
Thank you for all the hard work you have put in over the years and also giving credit to TS and Sujita,they have indeed done an amazing job.

Also as an investor I would like to personally thank you and the company for not selling out in 2020,it happens all too often!


All the best for the future Jonas

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